“Helikon-Opera” will “Mazepa” wedge

At the beginning of June will be held the IV international festival of arts Tchaikovsky, in which “Helikon-Opera” will present the Opera “Mazeppa” by Tchaikovsky in Klin. It will happen in the house-Museum of composer for the fourth time. According to tradition, the program will be exciting.

photo: helikon.ru

From the time of the first festival of “Helikon-Opera” is closely connected with it: the theatre’s artistic Director Dmitry Bertman stood at the origins of the festival and became his constant curator and expert of concert programs. Theatre many years a friend of the Museum-reserve, on whose territory the festival. On the closing day of the festival the audience will hear Tchaikovsky’s Opera “Mazeppa” directed Bertman.

This Opera was presented on stage of “Helikon-Opera” in 1990-ies. Then walked in the temporary premises of the theater on Novy Arbat, and after its renovation last fall, was resumed.

“Mazeppa” is an Opera of strong passions and characters – is not as often as other masterpieces of Tchaikovsky. At present the full stage version presented in Moscow only in the “Helicon”. Criminal love, crazy fantasies, betrayal, death – the story of “Mazeppa,” captures the cycle of passions and does not let go until the last minute.

The Wedge will leave the stars of “Helikon-Opera”. And the staff of art of the staging of the theater will be creating a decoration.

This year’s festival Tchaikovsky became part of the Franco-Russian forum “Trianon dialogue.” The initiators of the start of the program of such broad cooperation the presidents of the two countries: Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel macron.

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