“In Argentina for the 2018 world Cup has produced a Handbook on how to please the Russians

Argentine fans, in particular, suggest to wash, not to be boring and treat the Russians as to the treasure

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– Argentine football Association (AFA) has released a guide with tips on how to impress Russian girls, the newspaper La Jugada Financiera.

“The Argentine football Association (AFA) released a guide titled “Russian language and culture”. The text was received by the officials, players and journalists who will travel to the 2018 world Cup. It gives advice on how to impress Russian girls”, – writes the edition.

Guests from Argentina are encouraged to be neat, dress well and use a nice perfume, it is also important to treat a Russian woman like a treasure, make her feel special. In addition, men are advised “not to ask stupid questions about sex.”

Muy moderno el manual de estilo de la AFA sobre el Mundial pic.twitter.com/aWT4FrfCie

— Nacho Catullo (@nachocatullo) may 15, 2018.

According to the authors of the booklet, Russian women prefer men who take the initiative in the relationship. “Russian women like men who show initiative. If you do not have confidence, then you need to communicate with other women, to not be timid when meeting Russian. Remember, in Russia many beautiful women, but not every will suit you. Be selective”, – quotes the edition of the text of the AFA.

In total, the guide eight sections. According to some Argentine journalists, after advice from the guide attracted the attention of the public, the authorities have collected benefits and returned, pulling them from the page with the most controversial tips.

The final matches of the 2018 world Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 cities of Russia.

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