In road accident in Moscow injured the motorcyclist and his two children

The motorcycle driver and two child passengers were injured after a collision with a car “Skoda” may 16 on Podushkinskoe highway. Previously, the culprit of the accident recognized the driver – he gave the bike the road.

As it became known “MK”, about 13.00 Skoda (the car was driven by 34-year-old resident of the Odintsovo district) went to a secondary road on Podushkinskoe highway.

At this point the road moving motorcycle “Harley-Davidson” bike taxiing 45-year-old resident of the village of Barvikha. Behind, protective helmets, were two children – 15-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy. The vehicle collided. The most seriously injured rider after he received a fracture of the pelvis. Children with suspected concussion and was taken to the hospital.

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