Leonid Mlechin: “we Have no leading whose mouth foam”

Public television of Russia (OTR) celebrates the first anniversary — five years from the date of birth. Of course, it is worth to note and remember. But what is this channel? The public is so great? That is a big issue with our a censorship. These is not the anniversary theme, we speak with the Director of the Directorate of historical and journalistic programs Leonid Mlechin.

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When created Public television, had a lot of expectations from the different sectors of the public. Do you think that now, five years later, we can say that the OTP complies with these expectations? And whether it is necessary to focus on their expectations?

— I also remember the discussions that went on for more than five years ago, when this idea was born. Some seemed incredibly militant, because they had no relation to the reality in which we exist. It seems to me that the channel in which I have the pleasure to work as a professional television channel, where the value has a professional duty that is to study, analyze, and show what happens in real life. This, in my opinion, OTP and different from the rest. We have no leading whose mouth foaming, screaming, running around with bulging eyes, no one comes with a bucket of shit and not obmanivaet them viewers. We have a channel that tries to show the life of Russia as it exists, and I think that today is an incredibly important and very few people odumase task.

But on the other hand, the ratings, that is, spectator interest, has not been canceled. As far as the challenge to the OTP was still on everyone’s lips? And let’s not here to talk about “bucket of shit”, it is prohibited.

You know, I’m rating all the years of his journalistic television work calmly. There is one important fact which we overlooked — the real mood of the audience. We’re not actually aware of the fact that most people are eager to acquire new knowledge, fleeing from the knowledge of reality and does not want to be told about how things really are. People crave confirmation of those schemes, templates, and ideas that exist in their heads, and are drawn to it, which is typical not only for TV but for the Internet. All are divided into community, but well, if it’s a community of academics, but if a community of losers? A huge number of programs that are rated are popular, monstrous in the message that they carry to society. They destroy society, distort reality and put this “information” in the heads of the audience. In such ranked programs I would not want to participate.

— Tell me, do you love theatre as I love him?

I love the theatre high quality, I’m in a sense of the theatrical family. My grandfather once led the theatre named after Mayakovsky, and was formerly the Theater of the revolution. So I was brought up on the traditions of classical Russian theatre.

But then you should know that if the chief Director is justified: that, they say, people do not go, the occupancy rate of 44%, but that’s because we, the great, do not understand. And here Oleg Tabakov said that this should not be, it is necessary that the people was, this is the most important indicator. Do you disagree?

— There are performances, which are placed in the concert hall, and those that are on the Small stage or put in a small theater, where people come those people who appreciate, understand and want to know about it. They are willing to watch a show that the audience of the stadium may seem boring. He offers a different repertoire, he was brought up on it, and more serious meanings simply exhausted from his spiritual life. We have a very depleted spiritual life, very simplified. And see how it affects all of our lives, what primitive responses are given on all the complex issues! To blame the TV, which makes things easier, flattens.

— Really you discussion only “Rights? Yes!” and that’s all. But as far as full OTR covers the case of the “Seventh Studio”, did it detail about the fit of the speaker, whose only fault, in my opinion, was never proven. How often and much you say that a simple census on the Internet people can plant? Or about the “Cossacks”, who recently broke up the rally?

But is it possible from a single channel to require strongly? OTR focuses on the show outside Moscow life, and this is its advantage.

— Do you speak what is constantly mentioned not really my favorite Maxim Shevchenko: about lawlessness in Dagestan, about the killings there, journalists, human rights activists, imams, about how there is rampant security forces?

You don’t know that Public television never had the money for travel, because the channel created by decree of the President without the right to advertise. Our budget is reducing year by year, and there is journalistic travel are not spelled out at all. And to make the channel is not allowed.

Sounds like an excuse. That is, many social problems you can not speak?

Is a matter of choice. I’m in my historical topics too, like things that I consider important, and someone else might consider that it is necessary to discuss the other. It’s all subjective. I can’t tell the whole story of humanity, but choose only what you think is necessary. You also choose with whom you converse.

— I’m interested in are very different people, almost everything.

— Me too, I have something about Hitler, something about Lenin.

— About history in General no questions. Do you here on OTR, and found myself working freely, it can be seen.

— Yes, we do our best professional approach to the study of history. We had two important cycle. One is associated with the history of the First world war and its aftermath, and the second great cycle tells of the great Russian revolution, which to this day it is hard to analyze. Working here is very interesting, I’m sure.

— Very happy for you. Nevertheless, your immediate superior, General Director of OTP Anatoly Lysenko, burned on “the View”, now, in my opinion, blows on the water. Doesn’t want to escalate, to reopen that wound, and I understand. But the questions remain.

— We’re talking about different eras. You remembered the time when the regime was on the wane, he was not interested. And now the age when it is being formed. Hence the bulging eyes. And television are so different.

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