“Maradona in Brest is a HYIP”: the famous Argentinian will work in “Dynamo”

Maradona in Brest “Dinamo”? The news, which has spread across the Internet space of the former USSR at the speed of light, at first did not seriously want to believe. But it’s not the first of April…

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Eccentric Argentine star has already worked in an unusual football points: for example, the club from the UAE. Now compare some facts, you can prove that they are not random. MK helped in this, Mordasewicz, columnist of leading Belarusian sports newspaper “Pressball”.

– It seems that rumours of the arrival in Belarus Maradona went two days ago?

– It was a leak of information prior to the conclusion of the agreement wanted to keep secret. Began to wonder: either Diego Armando will lead the national team of the country or one of our three clubs. But no one could understand what. When they began to investigate, thought it was about Brest. First, it is the only club which can afford to recruit such a person, because there foreign. Second, as recently as may 11, retired head coach Radoslav Latal, who had won the super Cup (BATE Borisov) and went with the team in the Cup final, but poorly started in the championship. Now the acting was appointed Sergey Kovalchuk.

– Where the table is now “Dynamo” from Brest?

– On the 8th place out of 16. The start was clearly defeated. After 7 rounds the gap to the leader is already 12 points, although before it was proclaimed that the team will this year compete for the gold.

– I wonder what Brest is famous for its unusual and well developing projects in sport. For example, if you take the most successful now in the country handball club, BGK Meshkov…

Is a different story, just coincidence. The BGK patron Alexander Meshkov, who works at the Russian commodity giant, so there is mostly Russian money. But with football, things are different, and much shrouded in mystery. It’s sponsored by the company from the UAE, and one of the main faces of the club Sheikh from the middle Eastern country. (In addition, the t-shirt club – sign of the famous German automaker, but it is also a good money – “MK”). Actually, that’s why the randomness of the arrival of the Argentine will not call Maradona in the UAE worked probably contacts wound up at that time.

– And how the public in the country took the news?

– Opinions differed. Some say that it is hype that the presence of cult figure will raise the interest to the Belarusian football, will increase the attendance of the stadiums, so this is definitely good. Others resemble what happened with Maradona’s football life after his playing career, and therefore, they say, the advantage of his arrival can not bring, and even more will worsen athletic performance. All these opinions were divided in the proportions of about 50 to 50.

– But Diego Armando, according to official information, came to work not as a coach?

– I will lead now, his first words are: “I’m the President, I’m the coach of “Dinamo-Brest”. My love.” It seems that he invited to the role of Chairman of the Board of the club. For me also very interesting that it will actually execute. How to understand these words about the coaching?

– Your opinion: Maradona in Brest — is it good or bad?

– We’ll see. I’m more for his arrival. This is really a story to attract attention to our football. But it will be good only if it will perform in Brest purely representative functions…

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