“Marseille – Atletico Madrid. Online

Lyon also hosts the finals of UEFA Europa League

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Marseille – Atletico Madrid – 0:3


“Interfax” offers to your attention a text broadcast of the final match of the UEFA Europa League. Play the French “Marcel” and the Spanish “Atletico”!

The match will take place in Lyon and starts at 21:45 Moscow time!

“Atletico” named the starting lineup. What is there in the picture makes Diego Simeone (coach Atletico) – I’ll never know. After all, it’s kind of like four European match, was banned for emotions in the first semifinal match against “Arsenal” (London, if that).

🔴⚪🔴¡1⃣1⃣ ATLÉTICOS en el campo, MILLONES detrás de ellos have❕ #AúpaAtleti #OMAtleti #UELFinal pic.twitter.com/OYR0CvKjli

— Atlético de Madrid (@Atleti) May 16, 2018

“Marseille” is in no hurry to lay out your composition, what puts me in an awkward position. After all, I started this stream neither light nor dawn, but the composition is not declared.

Oh! Here it is, the starting lineup Marseille!

La composition de nos Olympiens 🔵 ⚪ App💪 #OMAtleti pic.twitter.com/A53lbAglQI

— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 16, 2018

And sostavchik probably even easier to look at.

La feuille de match ! #UELFinal #OMAtleti pic.twitter.com/Ayi0wfOZ5B

— Omar Altundag (@OmarAlt14) May 16, 2018

Who is the favourite of the match? Details here:

Bookmakers named favorite of the final of the UEFA Europa League https://t.co/ALmhyH81ZA

— Interfax (@interfax_news) May 16, 2018

The layout of time zones. Landmark: the start time of the match. Moscow is there, and it’s nice!

Can”t wait for this. Absolutely LOVE any Football final. @OM_Officiel V @atletienglish
😍⚽App👏🏆#UELFinal pic.twitter.com/oJwpa2TjaJ

— Antonio Mango (@AntonioMango4) May 16, 2018

You can vote and you (if you are not lazy, of course):
to win is translated as “win“. Without a dictionary, you know, I swear!!
Drawdraw”. In the main, it is necessary to put time.

🥁The first big final for our magic Spoilers lab.

⚽Marseille vs Atletico Madrid | Match result: Marseille to win

What do you think? #OMATM#OMAtletico #AtleticoMadrid #UELfinal #uefachampionsleague

— Score Spoilers (@thescorespoiler) May 16, 2018

Left – t-shirt atlético right – t-shirt “Marcel”

Who will have the biggest impact on the #UELfinal?

Griezmann or Payet? pic.twitter.com/p80NJ6Dtme

— #UELfinal (@EuropaLeague) May 16, 2018

A few minutes left before the start of the match. The start of the finals (as he said, huh?) preceded by a colorful and entertaining ceremony

Team on the field, anthem of Europa League!


The match is underway! We wish each other a spectacular game! Chief referee – Bjorn Kuipers (Holland). My name is Vladimir Nardin (Russia).


Atlético had their first attack. Successful actions of the goalkeeper “Marseilles” has helped this attack to interrupt


One-on-one with the goalkeeper of football club “Marseille” Valerie Germain! He approached with the goalkeeper Jan Cloud, chipped the ball over him. But – alas for perekidyvaem and over the bar! Overdone man, excited!


Rami is penalised for Atletico from the penalty line. The kick happened. But, past the gate!


Here is the poll. And the current voting results can be seen. Try it!


— #UELfinal (@EuropaLeague) May 16, 2018


Diego Costa in the struggle for horse ball rigidly played against Adel Rami. The judge called Costa into the conversation: it is forbidden for rough play against Rami in the ninth minute of the match


Bouna Sarr is a midfielder “Marcel” – a shot from outside the box you understand, whose goal. By!


The players, “Atletico” earned a free-kick. Followed by a presentation to the gate around the corner of the penalty area. But not dangerous


Have played rivals and it is great!


Photo from the opening ceremony of the final match of the Europa League

🤩🤩🤩#UELfinal pic.twitter.com/esr9EzHXou

— #UELfinal (@EuropaLeague) May 16, 2018


Marseille – Atletico – 0:1


And here’s the goal in the match! Atlético took the lead, with the help of goalkeeper Steve Mandanda, who awkwardly knocked the ball right on the foot of the player of the Madrid club. Immediately followed by a forward pass to Antoine Griezmann and he went one-on-one and fired goalwards!


Vrsaljko (club atlético de Madrid) received a yellow for knocking the opponent near his own penalty


Marseille held the box. But could not succeed


Favorite pastime: how you react on the goal of the tweeters opposing teams:

⏱21′ | 0-1 | ⚽ ¡G🔴⚪🔴L de @AntoGriezmann! ¡ANTOIIIIIIIINEEEEEE, GRIEZMAAAAAAANNNN! 🙌🙌🙌#OMAtleti #UELFinal #AúpaAtleti pic.twitter.com/rba823msjL

— Atlético de Madrid (@Atleti) May 16, 2018

⏱This 21′ But de Griezmann.. Les Olympiens dominaient le match !

Allez, ce n’est pas terminé 👊 🔵⚪app#OMAtleti 0⃣-1⃣

— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 16, 2018


Repeat goals!

⏱This 21′ But de Griezmann.. Les Olympiens dominaient le match !

Allez, ce n’est pas terminé 👊 🔵⚪app#OMAtleti 0⃣-1⃣

— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 16, 2018


Rumor has it that in the “Marseille” is replacing


Captain Marseille’s Dimitri Payet, with tears in the eyes left the field. Injury It was replaced by Maksim Lopez…


“Atletico” beat the box. True, well sooooo far away from the gate


The fulfillment of this standard, the situation ended with a hit player “Atletico” in the position “outside the game”. As if this provision did not hit the goalkeeper of Marseille’s Mandanda, who was in the smoke from the flares lit by the fans behind him


Many stops in the game.


Amavi from Marseille challenged for the ball in the style of kung-fu on the left flank of defense. Earned a yellow card (for me) and the right to a promising free kick (to opponent).


The French managed to push the ball from his own penalty after filing with a penalty kick (almost like a corner)


Attempt to deliver the ball from the left flank into the penalty area Atletico players Marseille have been crowned with failure


Griezmann led the Costa one on one with the goalkeeper “Marseilles”, but the defender of the French team managed to intercept the ball


One minute added by the referee


Everything in the match came a break. Before meeting in the second half, comrades!!


The second half began!


Juanfran replaced Sime vrsaljko in the “Atletico”


A little accompanying info:

Atletico began their European journey with the group stage of the Champions League. Finishing their group in third place, club of Madrid received a consolation berth in the Europa League.


In the 1/16 finals of the Europa League it is the sum of two meetings has defeated the Danish “Copenhagen” in the 1/8 finals – Lokomotiv Moscow in the quarter – finals, Portuguese “sporting” semi – English “Arsenal”.


Marseille started their Champions League campaign of the season 2017/18 with the third qualifying round of the Europa League, where he was able to pass the Belgian “Ostende”. In the round of the playoffs, the French club proved to be stronger than the Slovenian team “domžale”, which gave him a start in the group stage. In their group, Marseille was the second.


In the 1/16 of the tournament, he beat Portuguese “Braga”, 1/18 final – Spanish athletic club in the quarterfinals of the German “Leipzig”, in the semi – Austrian “Red bull Salzburg”.


Video from the fan-sector “Atletico”

Así está el fondo del @Atleti en el Estadio de Lyon #AúpaAtleti pic.twitter.com/fGMtecllMg

— Radioestadio (@Radioestadio) May 16, 2018


Marseille – Atletico Madrid – 0:2


GOAL! Frenchman Antoine Griezmann in the pouring French rain scored the second goal in gate of the French “Marcel” and has consolidated the advantage of the Spanish team Atletico Madrid. Brought Antoine penetrating pass to the right, out Griezmann came close with the goalie and chipped the ball over him.


Antoine Griezmann in all its glory!

Griezmann has marked every stage with a goal 👏👏👏

Last 32 ✅
Last 16 ✅
Quarter-finals ✅
Semi-finals ✅#UELfinal ✅ pic.twitter.com/vJqwCy5iEt

— #UELfinal (@EuropaLeague) May 16, 2018


Seriously, it will be “Marcel” to win


Substitution in the “Marseilles”: Clinton N jiyeh instead of Lucas as Monaco


Marseille are now more (logical) possesses the ball 60% vs 40%. Such figures lead UEFA


By the way, the statistics in the first half. The first shows the figures for possession, then transfer (not TV shows, and passes to the partner), yellow cards, shots on goal, shots on target

Les 📊 de la 1ère Mi-temps 👊#OMAtleti pic.twitter.com/Tinz9sIWX9

— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 16, 2018


So Griezmann tossed the ball over the goalkeeper

Describe this Griezmann finish 👌

________________________#UELfinal pic.twitter.com/M91IZLFAPF

— #UELfinal (@EuropaLeague) May 16, 2018


Openacs supply the French were on the right flank. Corner


They carried the ball from their goal, but their opponent continues to attack. Continues to try to save the situation


Shot on goal atlético from the penalty wide!


What I love about Twitter “Marcel”, so it’s animation replacements (and other things)

⏱This 55′ Deuxième changement pour @RudiGarcia 🔁

🔼 Clinton N Jie
🔽 @Locampos15 #OMAtleti 0⃣-2⃣ pic.twitter.com/8MnaBNNFQw

— Olympique de Marseille (@OM_Officiel) May 16, 2018


Atletico Madrid earned a free-kick on the left flank of the attack. The ball is a few meters from the corner of the penalty area of the opponent


Griezmann gave the penalty, but the defender’s head knocked out for a corner


Header at goal Marseille! Mandanda pulled the ball flying way over the crossbar!


Konstantinos Mitroglou came on for Valera Germain in the “Marseille”


Footballer “Marcel” Louis Gustav shoulder punches him in the face of an opponent. Yellow card


Clinton N jiyeh (Marseille) and Lucas-françois hernández (atlético) is not shared right to enter the ball from the side. Each of them showed a “comforting” yellow card


Failed defense “Marcel”. Without interference griezmann cross from the left flank into the penalty area. Where the ball hit the defender


That’s the moment at the gate, “Atletico”! Mitroglou head the ball feed: ball, bypassing the goalkeeper Ian Cloud (and his owner too), flew into the corner. But still hit the post. Moreover, it seemed that from this rod it will fly in a strike, but no – jumped in the field!


Perked up the players, “Marcel”, apparently felt that you Spa… Amavi Shot on goal, “Atletico”! Jan Oblak was in place..


Took a shot of “Marcel” from the penalty line. The shot took the defender


The answer is “Marcel”: Clinton N jiyeh beat (also, by the way) with the penalty: the ball missed the corner flag…


Substitution Atletico: Thomas Party instead of angel Correa


Marseille – Atletico Madrid – 0:3


And, it seems, is everything: captain “Atletico” Gaby opened in the penalty area on the right, received a pass to the left of Diego Costa and has struck! 3:0!


Legend “Atletico” Fernando Torres came on for Antoine Griezmann!


Two minutes, by the way, added

All, the match is over! Atlético – winner of the Europa League!!!

Congratulations to the winners!

This concludes our broadcast! Thank you very much for your attention! Soon there will be new meetings: we and you. But on the ice tomorrow will play the national teams of Russia and Canada within the quarterfinals of the world Cup. Until tomorrow, comrades!!!

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