Missing in Perm the girl told that she was kept in the pit

In Perm, found the girl that went missing the night before. The child claims he was kidnapped and held in a pit.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As the press service of the TFR in the Perm region, on the eve of the police asked a local resident. She stated that her nine year old daughter did not return from classes in the sports section, which was held in the local gymnasium.

The next morning the girl was found on the territory of garden cooperative in the Kirov district of the city.

“At the moment, set all the circumstances of the care of the juvenile, including the causes and conditions that prompted her to it,” – said the TFR.

In turn, the “Rosbalt” reports that the girl told about the kidnapping. According to her, she was kept in a pit, but she managed to escape.

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