Muscovite beat a classmate of his son, which were copied from another person

Correspondence in social networks has become a cause of conflict near the school in northeast Moscow on 15 may: drunk dad teen beat classmate of his son before class. Separate participants of a fight personally by the headmaster.


As it became known “MK”, the incident occurred at about 7.40 when children and teachers hurrying to class. 43 summer Muscovite (many noticed that he smelled alcohol), waited for a 15 year old friend’s son. When he saw the teen, then walked over and hit his head, and then hand. All this happened in front of the Director — large body ladies. She pulled a man from the student, and then invited all to his office. Parallel called the uncle of the victim (it replaces schoolboy father). The eighth-grader complained of a headache, so soon he was sent to the emergency room and then hospitalized. Doctors diagnosed a concussion and a cut lip.

At the “debriefing” revealed that before the incident the man had taken his son, eighth-grader the phone and began to correspond in the social network to all subscribers. Of course, the students were unaware that communicates with them is not their friend, and his parents, therefore, answered in typical teenage manner. The dialogue with one teenager particularly touched an adult man, at 4 a.m. he sent that message: “Come and get it (bad word), now you will die, you bastards”. And then, apparently, the Muscovite went to the school to wait for the young offender.

Man, by the way, brings up two infants, the inspectors will check the living conditions of the family. And the uncle of the victim student wrote the application in police with the request to punish the citizen for assault and battery.

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