Physicists have discovered what the densest objects in the Universe

American scientists from the National accelerator laboratory behalf of Jefferson in Newport found inside protons region of extremely high pressure, in excess of ten times the pressure at the center of neutron stars. Thus, the center of the particle is the most dense matter known to date science.


Although the proton relates to elementary particles and to date there is no known way to separate it into components, it (unlike, for example, from the electron), has an internal structure and consists of three quarks. It has been known that the proton consists of a heavy core and a relatively thin shell. The core, called core, has a radius approximately equal chetyrehtsiklicheskoy a fraction of a millimeter. It accounts for about 35 percent of the electric charge of the particle.

Still to explore the inner part of the photon in detail was too difficult, however the specialists decided to use a technology called “deeply-virtual Compton scattering”. The “normal” Compton scattering is an observation of how the particle reflects light, but ordinary photons have sufficient energy to penetrate into the interior of the proton. Experts have solved this problem, using a virtual photon — a particle produced in the collision of a proton with high energy electron.

As it turned out, the pressure inside the proton reaches 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 (ten to the thirty-fifth degree) Pascal. As mentioned above, it’s way more pressure in the core of neutron stars and 23 orders of magnitude greater than the pressure it has ever been created by man under stationary conditions artificially.

The study was published in the journal Nature. In the future, experts plan to obtain a more accurate value of the pressure inside the proton, as well as specify the size of the particle.

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