Poet Andrei Orlov: “I have created the environment for the voluntary outsiders”

With poet Andrey Orlovskim we met a year and a half ago to a creative get-together in a PR Agency, where he was engaged in the promotion of musicians. Someone asked to read and he voiced an excerpt from his book “Match”. The title says: this is a short, sharp, scathing, bold sketches of the lives. Cling to them, not only perfectly-tailored, phrase, distinctive style, but also the utmost degree of sincerity. Actually, the previous book of the Oryol and is called “Sincerity.” And now he finally released a collection of their project “Living poets,” which, in addition to poems of young authors, also includes legendary musicians Boris Grebenshchikov, Diana Arbenina, Gleb Samoylov, Ilya Hell, Alexander Gagarin, and others.

photo: Leonid Leontiev

During the long years spent in a never-ending poetry tour of Russia and the CIS, the poet attracted the attention. If judged by the social networks, it is more than 50 000 readers. He is not held in the same city for more than a month, but at some point settled in Moscow and established a community “Living poets.” The name, according to Andrew, shortened to “ZHY” and becomes a position. What it is, and what is the history of the project, its Creator and of poetry itself, Orlovskiy told in an interview to “MK”.

– A poet by nature, individualist, loner, even if enters into some relationship with society. You yourself are gone when you were 15, out of the house in Kherson, went to sail through towns and villages. The scenery changed around you there are different people, but you are somehow left alone, and then suddenly decided to create a poetic community, in fact – a big family. Why would you do that?

– Vladimir Nabokov likened world culture with the blood circulation in the human body. If any of the isolate, it dies. In this example, he illustrated the situation in Soviet literature: she was locked in the “ghetto”, was not associated with the world, and degeneration. I agree that most poets are individualists, but very important role is played by cultural atmosphere in which you are. At some point I realized that the most talented people I met during my rushing around cities, not integrated to an existing literary space, or because they are not welcome there, either because they do not want to fit into it. They needed their own space – and there were “Live poets”, a platform for voluntary outsiders for lumpen elements to uncomfortable, sharp and free-spirited.

The construction of such a platform is hard work associated with organizational activity. You, as a creative person, it didn’t kill? If “air” for your work?

Very important topic, I wanted to talk about it, to be honest. The word “killing” is justified, but I wouldn’t want to use it, it scares me. Over the past two years, during which I published only two or three of his poems and several dozen journalistic articles, not related to literature, who have not written any essays, I every moment had to make a choice in favor of organizational and managerial activities to my work. Otherwise, “Live poets” would not have not formed the environment in which he can comfortably exist and develop those people, mentioned above, and myself. There is now an opportunity to return to work. Soon I’ll open a big network project – it will be called “the inside Story”. Essays, poems, criticism – it is the experience of emotional responses to reality, news, meaningful poet. In addition, almost finished two books: I didn’t even have time for the presentations and communication with their readers, all these two years I continued to write in the short night hours. Autumn will be one of them – the reissue of “Matches.” I realized that this collection of love letters is, after its release and after the tour in her defense. So I want to remove from the books a few chapters and complement the large amount of fresh. The second book is very different. This is the flip side of light and good “Matches” – dirty, reflective, black Russian novel. The story covers several sleepless working days, stuck in some nightmarish day. The next cultural references – “Notes from underground” Dostoevsky, “Moscow-Petushki” Erofeev, “journey to the end of the night,” Louis-Fernand céline, “tropic of cancer” Henry Miller…

– It appears that the “ZHY” is a new poetic formation. And how it interacts with the outside world? As a poetic community open reality? Resonates that write these people, with what is happening around?

I know that living poems: they are written in a living language, they say about the actual problems, they are clear to the modern reader. Among the authors of the project are almost no people who deliberately interpreted in his work the political and social realities. Their poetry is metaphorical, strange, reflecting the atmosphere of a time and mood floating around, but without slogans and “Makushina”. But it is understood that the common ideological denominator that unites all the participants of the project – just yet. Rock musicians and rappers, syllabic-tonic and free verse, network poets and authors who are publishing in literary magazines: I was thinking on defining that brings together “Live poets”, but never found the exact wording. About our book I would say that modern poetry is not only the participants of the project “ZHY” and not only the authors of our anthology. But they are still neglected and ignored by the literary community, not to say impossible.

– What is the role of poetry? What happens to it?

– The role of poetry is unchanged: a poet is one who speaks of the eternal, passing it through a personal, a conductor between the noosphere and the language of the people, by definition, Arthur Rimbaud, “absolutely modern.” At all times, the poetry seeks current form, and today in this quest, she came to what she, in my opinion, not enough books, concerts or social networks. She breaks further, media – video, visual art, experimental theatre, rap and so on…

– Speaking of rap. In recent times it is becoming increasingly popular, but it is not always a positive indicator, because the very nature of the genre is distorted. If the original texts of hip-hop artists were distinguished by the depth, sharpness, today the main many of them – just banter. And makes fun of young people, as aptly in a recent interview with the leader of the group Lumen TEM Bulatov, anything – and the deadly disease, and war… And sometimes just use an empty set of words. Not afraid to engage in poetry in a country where a national hero for teenagers has become a Face?

– I do not think any of the face or many other rappers poets. Still, among hip-hop artists are poets – for example, Loc-Dog. It is not a subtle or elegant, but it reads about sore, his lyrics resonate, touches the heart. Sometimes he utters such lines, which could become an epigraph to the book on generation. Isn’t it poetry? In parallel, of course, there is a market, mass culture posing as art. I don’t think “Live poets” will be a part of it. Maybe someone will certainly seep in there – it will be interesting to see what will happen next. But I can guarantee: none of the author has not got on pages of the published book just because it is popular. We were denied a very famous people, the only thing that interested editors at the stage of formation of the book is text and nothing else.

– How painful was the selection process?

– Formally, the choice of material, finding new authors lasted two months, but the project exists for more than three years, so the soil was prepared in advance. Grammatically, correct spelling and punctuation, we almost did not touch the texts, published them in the form in which they were sent, but with some very young poets who have recently begun to write poetry, was conducted editorial work. I had read about two hundred poems. Honestly, when it ended, it seemed I’d never be able to read poetry. But several days passed and I went away, of course…

– It is curious that the book was eclectic. It has the lyrics young and still little-known authors and iconic characters – Boris Grebenshchikov, Gleb Samoilov, Diana Arbenina, Ilya Hell. What was it like to interact with them?

– It is clear that they have not filed any applications, editors themselves have invited them to participate in the project, showing examples of the layout, talked about the history and ideology “ZHY”. But none of them had any problems. The problems were in communication with representatives of magazines, those who, describing his activities, saying “professionally engaged in poetry.” From them came (and still comes) a lot of negativity and unconstructive criticism, but neither of our belief in the necessity of his case, nor on the morale in the editorial they are not affected.

This book is for you – the beginning of something new, or point at the end of a certain period?

– Of those people, with whom we started in the 2007th year, continues to write poems only two or three people. The rest died either physically or poetically, not finding a place for himself in the literary world. While I maintained a sense of how behind the invisible are the people who, get this collection a few years earlier, probably would have lived life differently. Therefore, on the one hand, this book is a point, a monument to those talented people who didn’t get to this spring, on the other – I understand that for many young poets, it will be the beginning of a journey. I would, if my poems at eighteen he published at a large publishing house, but still near neighbors, would work on the texts of the more selfless.

– What has shaped you as a person? What memories or events?

I love to ask this question to people to ask about “core memories”. Here is one of mine: 2001 the year, Kherson. Every week me to a bloody pulp beaten classmates – six of us or seven of us, the crowd – because “too smart”. After several months of harassment, I took a piece of rebar and spent the whole day in the toilet: catch them one by one and maimed. Since then, to the reputation of nerd added reverent fear, and before graduation I was in this pleasant and inviolable position. One more thing: the winter of 2010, Kharkiv, one of the first concerts. I sit on the bench, in the place where confluence of the rivers Kharkov and Lopan’, and feel in a particular sequence of words – “through the gates as usual on Monday, the autumn comes into law.” This is considered the starting point in his personal poetic history. More: September 2015, Odessa, Ukraine. I just got divorced and found that after five years of relationship with any question I have two opposite opinions: that I used to talk aloud to his wife, and what I really think. On internal audit left a box of whiskey, a rock of hashish the size of a fist and 30 days in the apartment of a friend. From Kostya at home, I came out a different person – someone who can’t speak, writes, and writes, those who are whining that “work interferes literature”, and works, those who know their devils in the person perceives them as a part of its “I” and is ready to conduct a dialogue with them. I’m sure I can remember a few key points, but I think these are sufficient.

– What do you think the concept of “trend”? Can poetry be a trend and whether to display it on this level?

– If to speak about the concept of a trend as such, it rarely occurs spontaneously: trends migrate from one cultural sphere to another, from country to country, simulated people, which for ease of conversation we call “producers”, though this is not entirely accurate. I’ve been looking for such a person in literature, and when not found – you decided to be and has moved to Moscow. This, incidentally, is one of the consequences of the fall of 2015, I was telling you about. You need something, but can’t find the right specialist? Become it! Over the past two years I have learned a lot, worked at several PR-agencies, opened its held dozens of awareness campaigns of different scale from small concerts in underground clubs until the withdrawal of the Russian market of international film projects. Poetry – by default, something personal, purely individual; I don’t think from intimate to make public. Question trend here is not to bright to paint her as a slut and to give at the mercy of popular culture, and to gently emphasize its most attractive features. Show the person in whose mind poetry the role of the dead old woman that she really is as a way to the extreme bold thinking, as the expression of subtle feelings, as the highest form of language – remains a young and beautiful girl.

– I know you listen to lots of music. What impact is it having on you as a poet? Since the release of poetic Thriller “open” has been more than four years – are you planning any new music?

– Watching the contemporaries, a few years ago I came to the trivial conclusion: music makes the perception of any text. There are people who write outrageously silly, naive, and frankly bad, but in combination with the melody they suddenly start to sound – and sound pretty good. But it’s a fake: strong text should scorch by itself, without music and even without a voice. Cleverly written poem pierces right through you, even if you read it with a sheet or screen. Right from the moment when Sergei Actose and Edik Bikovecs finished working on “the cliff”, I’m looking for a composer for their next album. During this time I tried to work with many, but never yet found I need sound and approach, so I’m likely to do everything yourself at least one month of the coming summer plan to learn to work in Ableton.

– Creative people often suffer from procrastination and not bring it started to end. Anyway you got it all planned. How to strengthen your inner core?

I love Joseph Brodsky, though I think he is a bad poet. He’s striking in its virality imagery, and when you read his works, she attacks your own. This fight few people can win on the verses of the poet always to be seen if he has recently read Brodsky. Sometimes, it even paralyzed when it comes to what to write is better still will not work. For example, after reading “Guide to a renamed city” work on my book of essays arose for two months. Anyway, more importantly, what I owe Brodsky is one quote of Nicholas Punina that Joseph A. very promptly screwed up in some interviews: “it’s Important not to lose despair.” The text on the cover of the book “Living poets,” I rewrote seventeen times, and the Preface – and even more; the latency associated with the release of our anthology is largely due to the fact that I, even when all the terms have already been ripped off, made perfect in his patience by designer Andrey Gusev pereverstyvat individual pages. I am a perfectionist, I’m never satisfied completely, I will never allow myself to feel what made a “great book” or became a “great writer.” For whatever you’re fighting – the whole point of the fight.

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