Psychologists have calculated the age at which puppies are adorable to the maximum

The level of emotion did not seem to indicator, which can objectively measure, but that hasn’t stopped experts from the U.S., representing the University of Florida. They decided to find out at what age puppies cause the most tender feelings in people, and found that it is six to eight weeks.

Experts suggested the volunteers to rate the attractiveness of puppies of three different breeds of 39 black and white photographs. In some pictures the puppies were practically newborns, and on the other they were a few weeks or months. The oldest of the dogs in the pictures it was more than six months. Each and 51 people who have viewed the photos on the computer monitor, was to assess the degree of their affection with the help of a slider without tick marks left which meant indifference or even hostility, and extreme right, the rapture appearance of a young pet.

Participants in the study found that puppies cane Corso most adorable 6.3 weeks, Jack-Russell — 7.7 weeks, and the white shepherd is 8.3 weeks. The scientists also drew attention to the fact that puppies dark color on average caused less delicate feelings of respondents than those who had light hair.

As the authors of a new study, a month after the birth of the puppies dogs stop their breast feeding, and after that, and in General no longer take care of them. At this age puppies are not yet able to feed itself, and a condition of survival for them would be appearance, which causes the desire to take care of these people. Therefore, experts believe that the puppies look adorable in the age of about one and a half months is no coincidence, and this is an evolutionary adaptation formed in the process of domestication of dogs.

The study was published in the journal Anthrozoös: A Multidisciplinary Journal of the Interactions of People and Animals.

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