Refusing sex without a condom was worth the lives of the inhabitant of Omsk

In Omsk the man beaten to death by his friend, who refused to engage with him unprotected sex. Law enforcement officers have detained a 42-year-old suspect, working on the wording of investigators, responsecom in a furniture company.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

The woman found in the stairwell of one of the houses on the street Konev. Residents called an ambulance, but to save the 41-year-old victim had failed: she died from his injuries in the hospital.

According to investigators, the crime involved an acquaintance of the victim, responsecom working in a furniture company. Concerning the man criminal case is brought. Currently, the issue of his arrest, reported the press service of the TFR in the Omsk region.

According to the “Evening Omsk”, the reason for the beating was a conflict that broke out during a joint drinking of alcoholic drinks. At some point the man invited her friend for sex. Upon learning that the landlord no condom, guest zasobiralas home. However, enraged omich caught her in the stairwell, severely beaten and left to die.

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