Sergei Ivanov: “the State should not Fund sports clubs”

The regular season is over, all the fans are waiting for the national basketball play-off League. In anticipation of these games honorary President of the League Sergei Ivanov held a press conference, which traditionally have been disclosed budgets of local clubs.

Photo: press service of United League

CSKA were still a bigger club with the biggest budget, but the ratio “price – quality”, according to Ivanov, it would be worthwhile to highlight the other two teams. This Saratov “Avtodor”, which with the smallest budget took a record in its history, the 5-th place, and the Latvian VEF, which became the only foreign team coming into the playoffs.

– All regular season was intense and interesting, – said Ivanov. – UNICS Kazan became the only team that beat all rivals, except CSKA. Other clubs from the so-called “big five, in the second half of the season experienced some difficulties, losing points where they were considered favorites.

According to Ivanov, “this season United League received full access to the ticketing program all clubs to track sales statistics. And suspicions were confirmed. We have clubs who just do not want to earn. The majority of people attending their matches, coming by invitation and money the club does not bring. It’s unprofessional. We will deal with it”.

“In General, very nice, for example, that “Khimki” on its financial performance catching up with CSKA, this indicates a high competitiveness of the League – continued Sergey. – It’s nice that decreases the number of clubs receiving support from the regions. The state should not sponsor sports teams”. He stressed that the United League is the only competition in Russia, where the clubs are fully open their budgets: “In other major sports such and, unfortunately, in a short time is hardly expected”.

About foreign clubs mentioned too.

– There are those who believe that the United League would have been without such commands as “Tsmoki”, “Caleb”, “Astana” or the WEF, but I believe they need, – said Ivanov. – Every year they prove that they can win the matches with the leaders and not let one of the Russian teams in the playoffs. Now, again, this is WEF”.

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