Sit, drink tea: details of the massacre of student on the adoptive family

A terrible tragedy occurred on may 6 in Konakovo district of Tver region. 14-year-old student Anton (the name of the boy and his sister changed) brutally murdered his adoptive mother and grandmother, and the body hidden in the basement.

Murder it became known only yesterday. Former husband of the deceased informed the police that Irene, his ex-wife and mother-in-law a few days not contacted. Arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers found in the basement of a house on meadow street, the bodies of two dead women. Anton himself quietly sat at home and drank tea. As soon as it became clear that, with him in the house was his older sister Alla. If she took some part in the murder is still unknown.

Investigating authorities have established that the first murder Anton made the morning of 6 may. The teenager attacked the grandmother with the axe and struck her several blows in the head. Finished off with a knife. The woman from the received traumas has died on the spot. Her body Anton hid in the basement. Towards evening he returned from work the foster mother of Anton’s sister and the boy. Irina he dealt in the same way as with the grandmother, but sister spared.

Anton and Alla were in the same class 9 “B” of the local school. For teachers terrible thing to do disciple was a shock, and the motives remain a mystery.

It’s kind of a bombshell. Mother loved them very much. Constantly drove to some clubs, to tutoring. Accustomed to work. Even took lessons in order to them working in her shop. Anton always said to mother treated with great respect. Periodically the boy had conflicts with my sister, but who doesn’t?

Anton and Alla were adopted at the same time, the boy was two, his sister is a year older, and she accordingly turned to the three years. As told in school, first Irina and her husband wanted to adopt only a boy, but then the children decided not to share. That they foster, Anton and Alla learned only a year ago.

Sister of the murderer.

The motives of the terrible act of Anton, as well, he participated in the murder of his sister, yet remain unknown. Over all the circumstances of the currently working law enforcement officers.

All this time, since the murder of their adoptive mother and grandmother, Anton did not experience any emotional unrest, he posted on his page in the social network the photos with vague captions.

As told classmate guys, shortly before the tragedy, the family experienced the conflict.

Anton and Alla brought the mother and she left home. And when I came back – there was a murder.

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