Sobchak in Cannes told about the criminal case of his father and the influence of Putin

May 19 will summarize the 71st Cannes film festival. “Palm” may get the actors who played people with criminal goods. Ksenia Sobchak visited the côte d’azur with a documentary project about his father, a criminal case which first came into the hands of his relatives.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

“Dogman” leader directing Italian Matteo Garrone — story and modest in all senses of the word little man named Marcello of godforsaken depressed town on the coast. It played nothing like the actor, but the actor and Director Marcello Fonte. His character works at the Motel for dogs, washes them, feeds, doing massage and manicure. And the period of a year he’ll spend dubious cronies and then commit a terrible crime. Chinese actress Zhao Tao played in the film “Ash with pure white” your a great husband Jia, Kaige who served five years of a dancer who saved such a disgusting price of each gangster. While this is the best acting work of the festival.

Frame from the movie “Dogman”.

The list of probable winners can continue under house arrest Kirill Serebrennikov, whose film “Summer” very well-received in Cannes, and the disgraced Iranian colleague Jafar Panahi, who in absentia presented the film “the Three faces” because Iran was not released.

At the Cannes film festival came to a detachment of Russian filmmakers. Someone presents their projects in the Russian pavilion, someone is trying to find partners for the implementation of new ideas. Writer and Director Irakli Kvirikadze arrived on the Cote d’azur with three new projects. One of them — animated feature film with the working title “the Improbable life of Sergei Parajanov”. Your hero, who spent more than one year in prison, Kvirikadze knew. German filmmakers, in turn, intend to start work on a documentary about Cyril Serebrennikov. Not the case in this case, they are interested in, and the nature of the work of one of the brightest Russian Directors. And wanted a picture, most likely living in Germany Katja Fedulova. With the same producers from Germany trying to cooperate and Ksenia Sobchak, who came to Cannes with mother Lyudmila Narusova and her husband Maxim Vitorgan. Together with the Director of the Krychev Faith she presented in the Russian pavilion documentary project about my father, “Sobchak Case”.

The international version, different from the Russian, we need to introduce a foreign audience in context. The key three for the Western audience will be Sobchak, Putin and Yeltsin.

Anatoly Sobchak was not the status of the accused, but the case of the 224 volumes existed. Have not seen him, neither he nor his wife Lyudmila Narusova. These materials became the basis of paintings. Lyudmila Narusova recalled in Cannes: “Twenty years ago, in 1998, we came with my husband for the Cannes film festival, walked along the promenade de La Croisette. Anatoly Sobchak was then living in exile in Paris. Our friend Alex Herman came to the festival with the film “Khrustalev, the car!” and invited my husband to represent him. Then Sobchak said that it is dangerous for the country to use law enforcement as a bludgeon in political games. I think that now Anatoly Sobchak needed more than ever. But, alas, it is gone. But there is his daughter. When managed to get the Prosecutor’s office access to volumes of the criminal case classified as “top secret”, as the stone fell from his shoulders. Sometimes I thought that maybe something don’t know.”

Ksenia Sobchak as a screenwriter decided to show the human drama of a father who, being a man of change, in fact from hand to hand passed the baton to Vladimir Putin. It also explores the question of why Yeltsin chose a successor to him. In the picture of Faith Krychev, who recently made a film about Boris Nemtsov, and now investigated Sobchak, will be affected, and the housing scandal associated with his name. After learning that the Director is most interested in enemies who did not like Sobchak, Lyudmila Narusova thought, “What kind of movie is this where my husband will say some scoundrels?” But the daughter immediately put a strict condition — to show his mother, only the finished picture.

“I was ashamed in the process of making the film that I didn’t believe in the history of moms that she used to tell me about my father. Thought there is no smoke without fire. Imagine how it was possible to hunt down the man that his daughter has lived most of his life with the fact that there is something wrong. Now the shipment of personal psychodrama is cleared. I know the truth”.

The jury, headed by Australian actress cate Blanchett, employing actors Lea seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Chan Chen Directors: our Andrey Zvyagintsev, canadian Denis Villeneuve, American Ava Du Vernet, a Frenchman of Armenian origin Robert Guédiguian and Burundian singer Hajj NIN, here to take your verdict. In the meantime, the Areopagus visited a rural dinner, which is annually organized in the honor of the foreign press under the open sky on the hill of the old town. Served coarsely chopped carrots, radishes, fish, and boiled eggs. Local residents in the form of peyzan with folk instruments welcomed guests. The jury is shielded by a partition, resembling a fence, so before you start eating look at the famous cinematographers, as wild beasts.

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