The author of the legendary “Olesya” Oleg Ivanov spoke about the loss of modern show business

People’s artist of Russia, composer Oleg Borisovich Ivanov was born in the Altai, studied at Barnaul medical school, but in College years switched to music, and has devoted her entire life. His best song specially written for Belarusian performers, are perceived as native in Belarus and in Russia, and the song “Jasmine” to the verses by A. Cross became one of the musical symbols of our peoples. Today the composer is President of the jury of the international festival “Red carnation”. Recently in the Kremlin Palace hosted an evening where we talked with Oleg Borisovich about him, about his work and just about the time.

Oleg Ivanov: “I am grateful to Lev Leshchenko, who had the idea and brought it to life”.

— What impressions do you have about your recital? Lost the audience interest in complicated musical quality of the songs, many of which were established in Soviet times?

— The reaction of the hall it seemed to me that the songs that were written many decades ago, now was a completely new and fresh. They sounded as if was written today. It is inexplicable things, but tonight really inspired me. For me important is not only the result but also the path of the work. But the most beautiful is the realization that I have a poet it’s a great song, so it’s important when poems are written not by the order of someone and heart and soul. I am grateful to Lev Leshchenko, who came up with the idea all evening and brought it to life in cooperation with other people, which also helped in the realization of this concert.

— How did you become a composer?

— I was always very lucky to meet good poems, poets and poetry, to which I have applied, starting with Robert burns, Alexei Koltsov, to our poets of the Silver age. Got lucky with my first song “Friend”: she won the competition of radio station “Youth” when I was finishing the fifth year of medical school. This song is as the wind filled the country, and the country was singing it. Due to the success of this song, I, not having finished secondary education, he entered the Novosibirsk state Conservatory Professor, composer Georgy Nikolayevich Ivanov. The success of my first song really helped me in the development of future musical career.

— How did the song “Comrade”?

I opened the collection of poems by Alexander Prokofiev, who gave me my classmate. Came home and outlined where the chorus and verses set verses from beginning to end they just sang.

— But you graduated from medical school, the rector even predicted you a great medical career.

— All six years of study at the Institute, I had two tasks: first — to the profession. I studied really hard, graduated with honors. The second is to develop musical ability. Even from the first year I started writing songs, she supervised a student pop band. Medicine and music have always run parallel in my life

— To prove himself as a doctor in life or not work and from this area you have something to remember?

I just talked to the head of the legendary Kuban Cossack choir Victor Gavrilovich Zaharchenko, and he reminded me about the one case. In the early 70‑ies, when he worked in the Siberian folk choir, he got a daughter. Victor Gavrilovich called an ambulance, and then I worked as a doctor and just came on this ambulance. After I left Victor Gavrilovich asked my daughter if she knew who treated her, the girl replied in the negative. Victor Gavrilovich said to his daughter: “It’s a nationally-known composer Oleg Ivanov”. At that time we were not familiar with it and met only after a while, and about this story I learned just now.

— The process of establishing you as a composer was complicated given that secondary special musical education you have, as you say, is not it?

— In the composer’s life, as in the life of every artist, there are stages of formation of a creative personality. The first stage of imitation, in the best sense of the word. Composer need to feel yourself in the place of his idol, to feel his music to better understand your.

— What other genres are you close?

— Close to me the different genres of songs: civic poetry, and folklore, and jazz. This is not a professional task to try yourself in different kinds of music, and with a sense of kinship, coming from the folk songs of my grandmother, the great songs of my country, from the creation of the English group “the Beatles”. However, the Foundation of what I do, is still a folk song.

— You have written a cycle of songs, which are performed Cossack groups. This is due to some special relations with the Cossack movement, maybe some of your roots?

In 2007 the ataman of the Siberian Cossack army was Anatoly Ostryagin. He was in one of my concerts, after which came to me and asked if I have Cossack ancestors. Nobody told me whether I have Cossack ancestors, but Anatoly assured me this, proving that in my songs felt Cossack nature. He advised me to pay attention to the Cossack songs and offered to try to write them. I was given the verses of the Kemerovo Cossack ataman Valery Proskuryakov, and I wrote the song after began performing a Cossack groups. Perhaps, I do have Cossack blood, after all, Siberia was discovered and conquered by the Cossacks, and no one Siberian region, where there were no settlements of Cossacks.

— It’s no secret that many creative people are prone to crisis, depression. You have such condition? And how do you do it?

Depression is a modern disease. Personally, I such as helps my feature that has been with me my whole life: I’ve been incredibly happy not only with their music. Due to this feeling of joy and revelation cleansed from all negative thoughts. Awareness of the genius of someone else’s work never caused me envy, only admiration. Feelings of inspiration and joy comes to me, and then comes out in my songs. That’s the way I cope with heavy periods

— Easy to spell before you today? Or affect the time that prevails today in show business commercial atmosphere?

— On the music stand of my piano are the poems of the new songs, they are performers. They are already written, they only need to “marry”, and even have a blueprint for anyone.

— How do you assess today the state of our Russian platform, show-business, as they say now?

— Unfortunately, currently I can not assess the trends that exist in our modern song, only positively. Modern song not afraid of bright of melody, not can not bear it. Songs are becoming more like the accompanying background of our lives. For example, when a person rides in the car and the background the radio is playing… He’s not listening to this tune. From a musical point of view that remains the clearest melody lost, but many of today’s songs in their own way very interesting. I always wonder how you can achieve this result using only three or four chords

— Which is what you’ve dreamed of in the beginning of my career and what advice would you give young composer: how to bring your dream to life?

In four years I dreamed of being a Mozart, but Mozart no one can be except himself. However, this dream was, and I still became a composer. I found my own way and follow her. I can’t write and feel as do today’s young guys at the same time, they will not be able to do what composers of my generation. Now a lot of good musicians. They have every day to get new information, listen to new music. It is a daily work. And I sincerely wish you guys happiness, because this work often resonates with the creative agony. As there is a chess problem to be solved, and in music before musician the task, and if you’re a real composer, you have to deal with it. When something does not work — it’s a terrible creative flour, but the flour is sweet. I wish the guys who want to connect his life with music to these sweet flour never left them, because they give an incredible inspiration.

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