The commander of a battalion of Riot police suspected of extortion, the victim of the “authority” Sturgeon, Jr.

A senior official of Regardie Colonel Michael Pytalev arrested on suspicion of fraud — for 3 million roubles, the commander of the operational battalion of riot police promised a famous businessman Karen Mkhitaryan security.

photo: Regarde

As reported by “MK” a source at the Main investigation Department of the RF IC in Moscow, Pytalev was detained by employees of FSB on may 16. They became aware that resguardar turned to businessman Karen Mkhitaryan, who is the founder of several construction companies, with a proposal to extend the state protection, and provide round-the-clock personal protection. Mkhitaryan, note, passed the victim on the case of extortion. According to investigators, the criminal “authority” Sergey Asatryan (known as Sergei Bentley and Sturgeon, Jr.) and his uncle Arthur Baghdasaryan extorted from the businessman of 1.2 million dollars. Asatryan threatened to kill the victim. During the conflict the house Mkhitaryan was set on fire by unknown persons.

Extortionists arrested. Yet heard the case, Mkhitaryan was organized by the state protection and was recently removed. Then Pytalev on his own initiative contacted the merchant and have offered to re-issue the security. For his services he requested 3 million rubles. When transferring 33 thousand dollars, the Colonel was detained. Investigators opened a criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code “Fraud”.

By the way, in 2004 Pytalev (when he worked in the 2nd separate battalion of the riot police at the police Department) received the complaint in the Moscow interregional trade Union of the police from the subordinate, the commander of a platoon of the militia captain Karpov. He stated that he was beaten by soldiers of the platoon directly into the eyes of Pytalev, which did not react to what is happening. According to the Complainant, was also kidnapped the recorder, selected a badge and an ID. Doctors diagnosed bruised bruises on the face and shoulders. After this conflict, which was resolved through the intervention of the police Union, Karpov was transferred to the police station in Gagarin district office precinct. Despite this scandal, the Colonel himself Pytalev left to serve in law enforcement.

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