The fire in the Udmurt Republic: thousands of Pugachevo residents evacuated due to exploding ammunition

In the Udmurt Republic evacuated more than 2 thousand people because of the explosions of ammunition. In the Malopurginskoe region of Udmurtia in the former military Arsenal near the village Pugachevo began to break the shells.

photo: MCHS

As told “MK” in the emergency Department at the Udmurt Republic, the incident occurred because of the intense heat that caused the ignition of dry grass. It noted that there continues to be a single detonation of the shells. “This is private property where there are existing organizations and not the population,” — said in management. Emergency workers evacuated more than 2 thousand inhabitants of Pugachev in the nearby towns Bagrash-Bigro, Urom, Bob’ya-Ucha and Il. In addition, from the camp, located 10 km from the epicenter, was evacuated 79 children.

Due to the explosions blocked the movement of cars on a plot of Federal highway M-7. To extinguish the fire was started by two fire trains, amphibious aircraft be-200 and helicopters Mi-8.

This is not the first case of detonation of ammunition because of the fires in Malopurginskiy district. The largest incident in the territory of the military Arsenal occurred in 2011. Then as a result of explosions of ammunition a soldier was killed, was evacuated more than 28 thousand inhabitants.

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“Smoke and explosions in Udmurtya the village of Pugachevo again burning ammunition”


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