The last film of Andrzej Wajda will see in Moscow

From 17 to 24 may in Moscow 11-th time will host the Festival of Polish films “Visla”. For the first time in the composition of his jury included not only film scholars and critics, but Director Mikhail Segal and actress Olga Lapshina.

“Between the words”

From may to November, the Polish film will see in other Russian cities, as well as in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Croatia.

In Moscow the competition involves 12 paintings: “the best” Lukas Pulikovskogo, “Between the words” Ursula antoniak, a wholly-owned women’s film “Wild rose” Anna Azovskoi in the credits which no one man’s name, “Amok” Katarzyna Adamik, “One day in November” by Andrzej Yakimovskoye, “Birds sing in Kigali” by Joanna KOs-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze”, “Heart of love” Lukas Ronduda, “I’m a killer” Maciej Pepsite “Reconciliation” Maciej Samanski, “the mark of the beast” classics of world cinema of Agnieszka Holland which is not stripped of feminist sentiment, and “Afterimage” — the last film of the master of Polish and world cinema by Andrzej Wajda.

His hero d Silvestro LEGO teaches at the Lodz national school of fine arts. Students idolize their teachers, but it does not hurt to remove him from his job for having not adequately invested in the students ‘ heads the idea of socialist realism. Then followed the exception of the Union of artists, and the person will be removed from life that will cause subsequent tragic events. The program of this “Vistula” a lot of films dealing with the lives of important artists.

“Forest king” of the young Director Jakub Checa talks about the challenges of puberty. While the mother is looking for work to educators and trying to establish privacy, her son teleported to another reality, far from everyday life. In his head there is parallel life, the hologram of the Universe, the tunnels between the worlds, space wrinkles. In the film, lines from a ballad by Goethe “erlkönig”, and the subtitles used the translation of Afanasy FET. To the mother this unusual young person has not completely FILIAL feelings.

“Birds sing in Kigali” spouses Krause was shot in Rwanda. Kigali is the capital of this country and coming Polish ornithologist Mrs. Anna Keller. “Do not give money, I’ll rape you. You kill the vultures”, hears it in his address and trying to defend himself: “I carry dead birds to learn”. Then she will move to Europe black girl Claudine. This daughter of a colleague who died during the genocide in Rwanda. It is one thing to buy a ticket and to pay for the visa and another sustained support and attention. Them from Mrs. Keller there is no time and effort. With work she will do for Claudine refugee status, and she decides to return to Rwanda. Life in a foreign country, where nobody was waiting for, will be challenging. Claudine even try to commit suicide. Two Chechen boy living at the employee of the asylum centre. All this is a reality of modern Poland. The picture was finished the wife of the late Director Krzysztof Krauze — John KOs-Krauze. Very good visuals, especially the shots with the African predatory birds, exotic bazaars Kigali. The film premiered almost a year ago at the film festival in Karlovy vary.

still from the film “Afterimage” by Andrzej Wajda

In “Panorama of new cinema” will present the last film Juliusz Machulischi “Volt” and the Comedy “Ready for anything. Exterminator” Michal Rogalski, “Happiness is peace” by Michal Rosa. For the second time will show the program “Documentary Poland”, which included “Beksinski. Videospotovi album” Marcin borchardt, consisting of little-known materials from the family archive of an outstanding artist Zdzislaw Bakinskogo. The last and very personal interview with Wojciech Mlynarska entered the picture “Mlynarska. The final song” Alicja Albrecht.

Section “Independent Poland” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of restoration of independence of the country. Within its framework, will present “the Eve of spring” by Philip Bayonne, “Black Thursday. Janek Wisniewski fell” Anthony Krause and “City 44” by Jan Komasa. Together with the Polish cultural center, scheduled for the cycle “Theatre on the screen”, as well as movies block “the Ball in the game!”, in connection with the upcoming world Cup invite all the fans.

For the first time will show the best pictures of previous festivals in the section “The best of “Vistula””. Among them, “Gods,” Lukas Pulikovskogo, “Desire to live” by Maciej, PepsiCo, “the Art of love” by Maria Sadovskaya and “the Last family” by Jan P. Minusinskogo. Weekend arrange a morning family sessions for different generations of viewers. The program — an adventure film “Double the trouble” Martha Karwowski, youth fantasy film “the blue door” Mariusz pale. Traditionally present their work from the film school of Lodz and Warsaw, as well as Studio Munch. For the first time will show the best student films of the faculty of radio and television of the Silesian University. In the Tretyakov gallery will present a sci-Fi drama “Photon” of Norman Leto, who was awarded this year’s passport journal “Politics” in the field of visual arts. After the session there will be a meeting with the Director where everyone will have to maneuver between quantum physics and modern art.

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