The rapist broke into the stranger into the apartment, followed her half the night

Daring sexual predator abused young girl in the Moscow district Teply Stan may 14 — the man, the employee of security Agency, midnight watched for the victim at her front door, and when she came in the morning to go to work, pushed into the apartment and raped. Moscow police detained the villain the next day, near the victim’s home.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

As it became known “MK”, 23-year-old Julia, coming from Tambov, came out of the rented dwelling, in which moved in three months ago, about 8.15. The girl had planned to go to work (at home, she graduated from the local Institute, he studied banking), but met an unexpected obstacle — a Horny stranger. He pushed the helpless girl back into the apartment and raped her. Despite the fact that Yulia shouted with all his strength the whole staircase, no neighbors responded and even came around to the stairwell. One neighbor, in her confession, at this moment, the shot the dog, and the other just scared.

Julia she dialed the police arrived on the scene operatives. The girl in tears explained that are not familiar with the criminal, but involves, who it could be. 13 may along with a friend Julia had a rest in a nearby café, and one of the visitors (who happened to be 35-year-old Anton, a native of Tajikistan, the employee of law enforcement agencies) began to have girlfriends attentions. Man this day was celebrated a birthday and was drunk. At first he stuck to the familiar Julia, but when he found out that she’s married, moved on to Julia. And she gave pushy boyfriend the heave-Ho.

But apparently, the girl sunk Anton soul, and he quietly followed her when she left the café and went home. A few hours later a man was waiting for her in the stairwell to complete the project. And then calmly walked out the door. And to the indignation of the operatives not caught on surveillance cameras, as passed under the Windows of the house. Between the police dubbed him the phantom, because it is not recorded and other nearby equipment. A day later, we managed to establish the whereabouts of the rapist — all this time he’d come around from the house of Julia. The investigators find out what inspired the man to commit a crime. Anton has a wife and a minor daughter, all relatives in shock. As for Julia, it is from the ill-fated apartment she moved out. While there is a criminal investigation, to return to Tambov it is not going. A girl thinking to draw to a psychologist, because he was unable to recover after experiencing stress.

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