Theft in the Hermitage: former Deputy Minister of culture Pirumov arrested again

The investigative Committee once again is the active phase of a long investigation “the case of the restorers” on the embezzlement of budget funds in the amount of about 100 million rubles in the course of the restoration of Novodevichy convent, the Kaluga Museum of cosmonautics and other objects. Together with the FSB investigators arrested the former Deputy Minister of culture Gregory Pirumov, who had previously been in custody. This time the former official is accused of embezzlement of 450 million rubles in the construction of the Hermitage buildings.

photo: AGN “Moscow”

As reported by the official representative of IC Svetlana Petrenko, is also under investigation detained the head of the group of companies “Rospan” Nikita Kolesnikov. Another defendant is a former Director of the asset management Department of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, who also previously appeared in “the restorers”.

It is reported that on the eve and on Thursday, the investigators, in conjunction with the FSB carried out searches at several locations, including the houses of suspects.

“According to investigators, the suspects organized to conclude the state contract with no real intention to execute it”, – stated in the SC.

The investigation found that a large portion of the advance was controlled by the listed defendants in the organization.

In the “case of restorers” Pirumov got a year and a half of real life. However, the former official was freed in the courtroom because he served his sentence during the investigation – in jail. As has declared “MK” the lawyer Pirumov, he paid the court-ordered amount of compensation to the state.

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