War elephant and “Lord” bacteria: the black sea fleet will twist movie

For a week Sevastopol became a magnet for filmmakers from around the world. From 15 to 21 may in the city – hero held XIV international festival of documentary films and TV programs “Won together”. For large-scale film festival their work will show participants from 30 countries.

What will viewers than the documentary are going to amaze the jury – in the reporting of the correspondent “MK”.

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Solemn opening of the festival took place on may 16 at the Sevastopol center of culture and arts. From the stage and in the audience spoke different languages.

Festival every year gets bigger, expanding its geography, – said the President of the festival, film Director, honored art worker Vladimir Menshov.

Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Vladimir Bazarov said that the main words of the festival are “combat”, “heroism”, “glory”, which is why he accustomed in the city – hero Sevastopol.

After the loud shots of military salutes on May 9, we in a few days, may 13, we celebrate the Day of the black sea fleet, followed by the international festival “Won together”, – said in turn Deputy commander of the black sea fleet to work with staff, rear Admiral Yury Orekhovsky. – “Won together” – these are the words which United the Soviet people during the war, and that we share now. The war was over 73 years ago. Fascism was again raising its head. Some of the figures are trying to distort, to turn the story. Therefore, we need the truth about the war. We must not miss the opportunity to talk with veterans, who have very little. After all, who was in 1945 for 18 years, now 91. After the festival all the movies Directorate sends us to the military units, on ships. The guys love watching them in the campaigns, discuss.

General producer of the festival, President of the Eurasian Academy of television and radio Valery Ruzin said that of the 450 films submitted to the contest from different countries and regions, we selected 115 of the most talented documentary and television work.

The program promises to be diverse and very interesting.

Documentary films will compete in the nominations: “Reflection” and “Memory”. Movies and television programs will compete for the main prize in the categories of TV film, reportage, cycle/series, portrait and program.

Special attention deserves the documentary American journalist Olga Schecter “sniper War”. The author talks about the Serbian sniper-volunteer, who, leaving family and home, fighting for justice in the Donbas. Olga Schecter, who spent a lot of time on the front line, says he made a film not about politics, not the chronology of the war, and, above all, of human history.

-The festival will feature a special series of films about sports and overcoming, – said Valery Ruzin. And one of the most interesting works – the documentary by Marta Prus Poland “Beyond”.

The author has devoted to the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Margarita Mamun. The athlete was preparing for the Olympic games in Rio, when her father was diagnosed with cancer. Margarita won gold in the individual all-around, returned home with a medal, and the next day her dad was gone. Marta Prus the sportswoman in the past, admitted that he made a film about the psychology in sport.

Also interesting is the documentary Grigory Ilugdin “the RAID on the Dukla” dedicated anti-fascist uprising in Slovakia in 1944. The Slovak rebels, finding themselves surrounded, withstood numerous group of the Wehrmacht. They could all die, if not for the desperate leap of the red Army and Soviet partisans through the winter of Dukla pass.

Undoubtedly, a lot of spectators will gather a film of Anatoly crimson from Belarus “Black crow”. The author dedicated the painting to his father, a medical officer of the Ivan Alekseevich Alaia, who went missing in the early days of the war at Bialystok. Documentary filmmaker conducted its own investigation, in the archives of the German Association “Saxon memorials”, he managed to find documents that shed light on the fate of his father.

I want to believe that the jury will celebrate the documentary “can’t wait”, which is dedicated to round-the-world voyage of the submarine s-56. 5 November 1942 she sailed from Vladivostok to the Northern fleet. During the war the submarine was dropped more than 3000 depth charges, 19 times it was declared dead. The crew only grinned in response: “No wait…” Unique hike ended up around the world, spanning 12 years. To learn more about little known history, the author, Vasily Chiginsky, had a lot of work in national and international archives to examine the logbook and rare documentary footage.

And Chinese Director Li Tao made a documentary film about the famous war elephant! (“The Elephant Lin Wang”). During the Japanese war, he served in the Chinese expeditionary corps. For military feats the elephant was given the rank of captain. During the Second world war, Lin Wang was captured by the Japanese army, was repulsed with the battle and continued his service in the Chinese army. After the war he served on a military base, and in 1952 was transferred to the zoo, where he lived until 86 years.

The festival will presents a lot of movies about people and events of recent history.

For example, Tatiana Skabard made a documentary “the Last parade Selfless” about the events of 1988, when, after passing through the Bosporus and Dardanelles, in the territorial waters of the Soviet Union has invaded American cruiser “Yorktown” and the destroyer “Caron”. Use of weapons was impossible. And then the patrol ship “Selfless” went to RAM…

Marina Shuvalova will introduce viewers to the coach Nikolai Kozlov, who is 38 years working with at-risk youth at the children’s school of Sambo-wrestling “Uralmash”. Thanks to the pedagogical talent he was able thousands of boys to “get off the street” and to raise true men (“dad”).

Eugene Golinkin in the movie “Everyone wants to live forever” tells how the day of cardiac surgeon Michael

Alshibaya, how to avoid “burnout”, and to counter psychological and physical stress.

Director Mikhail Serdyukov has devoted her documentary of the legendary athlete Yelena Isinbayeva, who after the birth of the child decides to return to the sport to win his third Olympic gold medal. (“Third”)

Howard Bustnes from Norway will present on court of spectators and jury the film “the Princess of the Golden dawn”. The author traced in modern Greece born neo-Nazi movement.

Director Rodion Ismailov, traveled on the longest railway in the world runs from Moscow to Vladivostok and made a documentary about his companions. (“Reserved Seat”).

Many people are interested in tape about a scientist Andrey Shestakov, who travels across the country, from the Caucasus to the White sea, with the aim to find and test useful to human germs. (The film Stavinova Stanislav and Andrey Timoshenko “Life bacteria”).

The festival is expected many guests from abroad. For example, in Sevastopol from Paris comes the descendant of the leader of the White movement in South Russia, General Kornilov. He will present the documentary film “Albatross”, which tells of the contribution of whites – immigrants in the French culture.

The audience is a lot to discover. In particular, they recognize the dramatic story of why the second half of the 30-ies in the Crimea was not built “Soviet Hollywood” (film by Boris Karadzhev “the dream Factory for comrade Stalin”).

Documentaries and television films will be shown on 14 the art and cinemas Sebastopol. Moreover, the entrance for all visitors is free.

Journalists, in turn, asked the Chairman of the jury Vladimir Menshov:

– If you decide to make a documentary, what would it be?

Now I am doing this and is the artistic Director of a documentary about the Cinematography. In 2019, the oldest educational institution is one hundred years. I once made a film for the 50th anniversary of VGIK, and after fifty years, again took up this theme. Documentary filming of students under my supervision.

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