Was afraid of prison to tremble: how the death of a con man, coming down from the 12th floor

Amazing acrobatic trick attempted on Wednesday morning, 35-year-old man in suburban Nakhabino. He literally wove the rope of the numerous sheets and in front of the amazed audience tried to climb down from the 12th floor, fleeing from the police. As one would expect, the trapeze artist fell and died.

photo: pixabay.com

Alarmist was Artem Novikov (name changed), who that morning was in the apartment of his uncle. He was previously convicted for fraud with apartments, received 3.5 years in prison and recently released. But the family left debts to the victims, and ex-wife continues to pay out millions. Arthur himself settled shoemaker in the house of life. At the same time he was addicted to sports betting. Apparently, on this basis, the men and ran into trouble with the law. At least his friends on the social networks mentioned that the bookmaker often makes sense — takes bets on the alleged contractual competition, and then appropriates the win. Not very flattering spoke of him at work: boss Artem said that he owed her a small amount.

Novikov continued to live with his wife in the same apartment, despite the discord in the family. On Wednesday and wife and uncle had already left for work, when in the home was raided by the operatives. Apparently, they checked the statement of one of the cheated partners. But Artem did not open. The guards heard the door rustle, and then came the oppressive silence. All this time Novikov carefully tied sheets and blankets, hoping to go down the rope. Wife at the request of the police phoned to shiftless men, tried to persuade him to open the door, but he was adamant. According to family, Tom to shiver was afraid to go to jail, and apparently believed that he had already instituted criminal proceedings (in fact it was only about testing).

When at last on a scene there arrived the master and has opened the door to the police, Novikova in the apartment was gone. He began the risky descent down the sheets, got to the 6th floor and leaned on his conditioning, but the appliance does not stand, and the man flew down. For a while he was still alive, but soon died in hospital.

As reported “MK” the senior assistant administrator of GSU SKR across Moscow region Olga Brady already interviewed the witnesses and obtained explanations from the police. Appointed to conduct the examination. According to the result of the check will be a procedural decision.

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