World Cup hockey: “Russia vs Canada you have to play as fast as possible”

Known in the past hockey players Voskresenskogo “the Chemist” CSKA and the USSR national team, Olympic champion of 1988 in calgary, the world champion of 1989, in Sweden, honored master of sports Alexander Black (now he works as the chief coach of sports school “Chemist” and at the same time understands the science of hockey at the Academy of physical culture in Malakhovka) we were asked to assess the chances of the Russian team at the world hockey championship, which takes place in Denmark. Thursday will have a quarterfinal against Canada.

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Championship are of equal strength teams, any of the leading hockey Nations: Sweden, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, Finland and, of course, Russia can become a champion.

– How does the game of the Russian team?

– At the world championship in Denmark we have a us team playing. Nice to look at: high speeds, good interaction levels ,aggressiveness and focus on the gate ,a high percentage of effectiveness. Most of all scored goals in the gate rivals in the subgroup. This is for the fans and love hockey .

– What can you say about the game against Slovakia ,which won 4:0 ?

– In the first period, had about 5 scoring chances, scored in the first period only two. In the second period at times given territory, played here and there. Watch out of hand before the match with the leader of sub –team Sweden tested their tactical plans on a strong opponent in defence, in attack. Well played in the match against Slovakia’s goalie Igor Shestyorkin.

– About the goalie position can not worry?

– Goalkeeper position is closed, any of the three goalkeepers: Koshechkin, Sorokin and Shesterkin in order. In the third period of the match with Slovakia dominating possession, the defenders did not allow the Slovaks to host at the gate Shesterkin, but the long shots were not difficult for our Keeper.

– It turns out the defense is not satisfactory?

I think that the match against Sweden, the team is prepared ,plus added defender Beregazzo. Defence players picking up the game need to improve from match to match in reliability.

– What can you say about the line of attack?

– In the first link under the patronage of the captain of the team, the most experienced P. Datsyuk, reveals brighter talent Kaprizova, and adding to them by Nikita Gusev. Interaction, speedy strokes, that’s just not enough to achieve better results. As, for example, slaughter time was Nikita Gusev in the third period in front of the gate of Slovaks. Here you need to score. Not coincidentally, so was upset because of the penalty Gusev, the head coach Ilia Vorobiev. Convincingly, there are other links in the attack, although Ilya Vorobiev is constantly looking for the best combination

– You need to add in the game the national team of Russia?

– Lame game in most, remember the match with Switzerland, when played twice and did not create any scoring chances.

The main thing to gain the game from match to match while gaining confidence and sports the nerve of the winners, creating a group of associates. Here our young mentors him and Nikitin should help to unite the team’s senior coach, experienced Alexei Zhamnov.

– What’s most important in the match against Canada?

– There are four component. First: commitment, motivation (not to lose martial arts). Second: to establish a majority. Third: we need to play as quickly as possible. Fourth: to mount a defence. Then there is a chance!

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