Chief detective Balashikha suspected in bribery to the employee of the detention center

The chief of criminal investigation Department of Balashikha near Moscow is suspected of bribery. The Colonel of police wanted to “solve the issue” with the leadership of the FPS of Russia in Moscow region, to convict for drugs the man was transported to a nearby region.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, suburban operatives of CSS together with their colleagues of the FPS carried out a successful special operation on detention of alleged “werewolves in epaulets”. In the cleverly spaced network caught a high-ranking officer of balashikhinskiy MU the Ministry of internal Affairs and a member of the FPS. The Colonel passed through the last 8 thousand dollars to the senior inspector of Department of special accounting fku SIZO-11. However, all the action took place under the strict supervision of corruption fighters. The suspects were placed in temporary detention. As reported “MK” the press service of the Moscow cupola, on this fact scheduled service check, the results of which the employee will be dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies on negative motives and will be punished in accordance with the law, also to strict disciplinary action will be brought directly to the leaders.

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