Created a robot that can produce spikes of anger

Engineers from the United States introduced the robot, equipped with a kind of “artificial skin”, which you can learn about his mood. The robot is able to rapidly inflate and deflate two types of “pimple”, and the person who holds it in his hands, can feel.

A frame from the video.

A robot is social, that is designed to communicate with people because of other reasons not enough people to chat with. A kind of “goosebumps”, which can have rounded or pointed form, allow the robot to better portray the likeness of the living creatures, giving to understand that it is currently “feels”. The robot can inflate two types of pimple, and do it often or rarely and strongly or weakly. Taken together, this yields eight combinations, kotorym corresponds to the eight emotions — anger, surprise, sadness, boredom, joy, excitement, peace and contentment.

Also the mechanism is equipped with a display where you can see the “face” that expresses the mood through facial expressions. It helps to remember better, through what tactile signals robot expresses a particular mood.

Experts suggest that such a social robot would be especially useful for deaf people who wouldn’t have to constantly watch the display to know what it “feels”. Also it would be convenient to use in a situation when the display light or sound could for one reason or another to prevent the owner of the robot or the people around him.

On its development, the scientists said during the conference RoboSoft 2018.

It is worth noting that robots are becoming more effective “companions”, at times surpassing in this respect the people. Recently, the British experts from the University of Plymouth said that androids, designed to conduct motivational interviews, in the course of the experiments quite effectively provided the person moral support and are often inspired to change their lives for the better.

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