Found a unique means of entertainment for single women

Employees of the Tokyo-based company offered single women to secure their homes with the help of shadows. The invention called “the Man behind the curtain” should create the illusion of presence in the house of another person.

Development itself is a mini projector is bundled with multiple entries moving human shadows to broadcast their offers on the window curtain. Thanks to them outside, it seems that the room there’s someone (in the standard version of this stalwart man). Judging by the movements of the dark silhouette, that someone involved in sports or household chores, e.g., vacuuming. Attached to the projection and voice, and each session of such a “shadow” lasts about an hour. According to the creators of inventions, the technology should protect single women from criminals who do not want to mess with the formidable “house counsel” and also to lower the anxiety levels of individuals themselves.

Says social psychologist Alexei ROSHCHIN:

— The invention may be viewed as a manifestation of the General trend in the modern world. Less time people spend with each other and more — at work or in virtual worlds (e.g., in computer games and social networks). Many people lose the habit and the feeling of presence of another person nearby due to the continuous loneliness, and in this context, the shadow is a sort of compromise. From the presence of a living person uncomfortable, when nobody, too, but if it’s just the shadow — man sort of is, but at the same time it is not. However, if all the time to be in the imaginary circumstances, all the skills of interaction with reality can gradually atrophy. In addition, the crawling shadow man instinctively scary on a subconscious anxiety, on the contrary, may increase.

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