“Go to village”: in the Chelyabinsk market of the main strongman of Russia nearly crushed

The title holder “the strongest person of Russia” Elbrus Nigmatullin almost became a victim of autocad in Chelyabinsk. The athlete said that he came to the local market with my son almost fell under the wheels of a car because of the wrath of impatient and intolerant avtoledi. She is very outraged that people are keeping her to Park and taking them for “guest workers” decided to crush it.

Photo: instagram.com/elbrus_nigmatullin

According to Nigmatullina, being with family on the market, it at some point, heard behind me a car signals. He turned around and saw him moving the car.

“It rests me in the thigh, and the female driver yells at me “Get out of the way, take your baby” and a few unintelligible curses in my address,” wrote the athlete in the social network and posted a video of the incident.

Further, according to him, the lady continued to scream, he knew immediately what it was. It turned out, the lady driver just wanted to Park. But instead of asking pedestrians to give way, she decided to insult them.

“In the end of the video you said in my address: “go to your village”. Apparently, the thought that I am a visitor from Central Asia,” – says Nigmatullin.

He finished the post with a call to citizens to be tolerant to each other.

In comments to the video users I admire the endurance of men and say that the lady behind the wheel she looked like a Gypsy. “Could two finger skull crush, but he didn’t. Elbrus — man,” notes one commenter.

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