In Bitsa Park maniac appeared with the newspaper

Large eyes — a distinctive feature of a sexual predator from Bitsa Park, which is terrorizing the women of the Moscow district of Yasenevo. Several citizens, according to some, almost became his victims. The police is checking one by one the submitted application.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As it became known “MK”, the first concern raised by the local resident Natalya. In the social network on Thursday she spoke about the walk with his 10-month-old daughter in the Bitsa forest near the metro station “Novoyasenevskaya”. Natalia, she said, with a stroller rolled off a public road, the administration left the Park and sat on a bench near the arch, he opened the book. Suddenly she was approached by a stranger who looks about 50. Natalia noted that the eyes of the men were big and mad, he smelled of booze.

The man pulled out the folded newspaper and a knife with the words: “be Silent, and then stab” took Natalia by the hand and said go in the bushes. The woman asked what was going on, what strange stranger said that he had to rape her.

She was lucky that she grabbed the villain’s hand in which he held the knife, and began to shout loudly. He got scared and hid in the bushes. But after a few seconds ran up to help — an elderly couple and a young guy, says Natalia, a police officer — he never ran after the maniac, as he was supposedly unarmed.

Natalia decided to write a statement to the police that the villain was detained as soon as possible. The Department said on Thursday, a similar man was seen in the Nightingale passage and Balaklavsky Prospekt, where he is also scared of women. With the help of Natalia, the police have made a sketch of the wanted man, slim build, short or balding. The eyes are round, brown. Height is 170-175 centimeters.

According to some, it is the local resident consisting on the account at the psychiatrist. Meanwhile, another woman living in Sochi, says that he saw a similar man, on 13 may, at about 14.30, after the bus station. She walked with her two children when she was approached by a strange citizen and uttered threats against son. The lady did not communicate with a stranger, quickly left the forest zone and reported the incident to the operator 112.

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