In Voronezh have found the explanation for the invasion of mosquitoes

Residents of the Voronezh region pestering hordes of mosquitoes. At +26 people out of the house in a thick, windproof clothing, stick with the vent Windows in residential buildings. However, blood-sucking so much that they overcome any barriers.


So, the stories of the residents of the city of Pavlovsk, some days they can’t sleep from mosquito buzz, sealing the ventilation doesn’t help either: mosquitoes just break through the blockade and stuck to all the walls and ceilings. First time residents were saved from the bites of special sprays, but now, due to the large demand, they disappeared from the stores, people are stocking them for the future. The most vulnerable were children who dosage of insect repellents in children’s spray does not help (enough for them to stay 20 minutes on the street, and they come back literally eaten by mosquitoes), and funds for adults they are contraindicated. So small inhabitants of the Voronezh region just sit at home.

In one of the villages from the bites of mosquitoes died two pigs (mosquitoes filled their airway), similar problems with dogs, cats, and chickens and ducks. Despite the fact that the CPS regularly handles site protivostoyanie chemicals (this is done using ground-based aerosol generators), mosquitoes do not become less.

Entomologist says the all-Russia Institute for silviculture and mechanization of forestry Yuri GNINENKO:

— High temperature, high humidity and the lack of enemies are the main criteria for the emergence of the hordes of blood-sucking. In the Voronezh region is now +26, flood and… no birds. It is noted by many local experts and explain this by the fact that many of the birds died this year during an unsuccessful wintering in Western Europe, where, as we know, there was a strong frost. Mosquitoes mainly fed on swallows and Swifts. To escape from insect bites is possible only with the help of repellents, grid masks on the head and tight clothes.

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