“Leningrad” and Глюк’оZa released the bloodthirsty video in anime style

The group released an animated video for the song “Ju-Ju”, the title role in which was performed by singer Глюк’оZa (Natalia Ionova). Roller, stylized Japanese fantasy cartoons, replete with scenes of violence and violent shootings.

A frame from the video.

The clip was directed by the Creator of the film “Hardcore” Ilya Naishuller. He previously shot for Sergey Shnurov and company video for the song “kolschik” and “Voyage”.

In the new creation of Naishuller the action takes place somewhere in Japan. The leader of the “Leningrad” acts as a mafia boss, who hunts the cool assassin, she is a singer Глюк’оZa. In the video there are also have a cat and a Doberman.

A frame from the video.

It is noteworthy that the video is absolutely not in common with the song dedicated to the eternally dissatisfied people. “Olga is unhappy with Mercedes, Kohl’s unhappy being overweight, He and his “Mazda” unhappy, “Mercedes” it b arranged Olin” — sings Natalia Ionova.

In the chorus she States: “I will say this — I here go by “Peugeot” and (Noah)”.

To see the new movie, traditionally containing vulgar language on the official channel of the “Leningrad”. Note that already a few hours after publication, the clip has collected more than 300 thousand views.

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