Russia lost to Canada in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup hockey online stream

In Denmark on the 2018 world Cup on hockey the most interesting begins – the playoffs. Today, may 17, will host quarterfinal matches, the Russian team was waiting for the most fundamental confrontation. The opponent of our national team was the team from Canada, and we of course passed by such an event. All the details in our live online broadcast.


Team Russia lost in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup of hockey national team with the score 4:5. Lost in overtime, alas. The washers we have today pelted Mikheev, Drums, Andronov and Anisimov.

Russians are leaving the tournament, and today, we have all. Thanks for watching live with us and see you soon!

5` still, Canada scores the decisive goal. O Reilly without interference on the “nickle” put a stick under the pass of McDavid and all – 4:5.

5` GOAL!

5` a minute and a Half left to stand.

4` Canada takes a timeout.

4` Whims… the Destruction of Russia. This is a very, very bad history.

4` And now Mikheev dangerous left – the Keeper saved!

3` Andronov unexpectedly threw up near the bar!

2` Shesterkin coped with a powerful throw!

2` Yet hold the puck, think of attack.

1` Penelaahan!

Overtime! The main time of the quarter finals Russia – Canada ended with the score 4:4, and now we have an interesting interchange! Throughout the match, the Russians were back, but now to ignore anymore – the game will be to goal!

20` Shesterkin bailed out 10 seconds before the end!

20` 35 seconds left before the buzzer, and the faceoff in our zone will be.

19` Canada here in our zone came, which is not very good.

17` Gusev went behind the goal, but the camper was rescued!

16` a great goal Anisimov! Broke on the right side and threw with awkward hands – 4:4!


14` Shesterkin has coped with far throw, but the defenders on the “nickle” is not insure, and fatalities accurate was Dubois. 3:4.

13` GOAL!

12` Nesterov on the blue line hooked up so that the Keeper barely managed!

11` Shesterkin stops solo with a stick of canadian forward!

10` Instantly responded his goal! And all the case! Rabbits had been thrown from the side of the gate, Andronov are still quite a bit tweaked and the ball flew into the far top corner – 3:3!


8` Canada caught the Russians on the counter-attack and Turris from the center area struck the gate – Shesterkin did not have time to move. 2:3.

8` GOAL!

5` In the third period, a rate significantly higher than in the previous two.

3` Gusev threw out the defender, but the rebound was not in our favor.

1` the Third period, let’s go!

Break! Well, it’s much better! Despite the fact that missed again in the minority and lost with the score 0:2, found the strength to fight back! Washer Russia threw Mikheev and Drums and retire with equal – 2:2!

That outcome is waiting for us! Now rest for 15 minutes and rather in its place are back!

20` Shesterkin pushes the puck to the ice 30 seconds before the siren.

19` Take Out, Canada! A pass from behind the goal and throw one-touch Barabanova, the shot is frankly not helped! 2:2!


17` Frankly played poorly in most Russians. For this tournament, this is not news, alas.

15` and now the removal from Canada! Come on guys!

14` Well, we finally converted the advantage in the second period! Mikheev on “the patch” turned out to be the quickest of all, and finished off the puck into the goal! 1:2!


13` Yeah, removing do the trick… Translation of McDavid on the other edge of the area, where a cast of one-touch from Nugent-Hopkins – 0:2.

12` GOAL!

11` As not in time! Andronov removed on two minutes.

10` Keep the Canadians in their zone and repeatedly threatened the goal!

8` here’s some on a collision course I went to the game and we do not give in.

5` Whims left of the defender, but the goalkeeper still reacted.

3` Oooooooh! Shesterkin was able to beat in melee striker of Canada, who took a puck to the hand and quickly left!

2` Kemper unsuccessfully beats off the puck, and barely on the rebound and our forwards did not have time!

1` the Second period, went!

Break! The siren sounds, commands go to rest. Initiative for Canada, she also was keeping score. Parayko sold the most and “maple leaves” win 1:0. Have something to add to the Russians, because while the attack look quite toothless.

The most interesting we have only come, therefore, rest 15 minutes and go back to your seat!

20` Last minute went.

19` Forced canadian goalkeeper to push the puck to the ice, maybe at the end of the period will get something!

17` Shesterkin coped with a throw of McDavid!

16` long time no chances, not to mention dangerous in front of goal.

14` Buchnevich returned to the site, but Canadians are still in our area!

13` a Minute left to stand, threw the puck out of their zone.

12` Re in the minority have to play. Violation of numerical composition…

10` Canadians mainly rely on long throws, but with the exception of one – with the whole deal.

7` Grigorenko from an acute angle finished, but goalkeeper coped!

6` Powerful click Pareiko and, alas, Shesterkin was not able to react to it – 0:1, the noise in the minority.

5` GOAL!

4` Removal from Russia. Andronov broke the rules.

2` Shesterkin already had a feel for the puck and secure it tightly.

1` the Match started, pamelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

0` According to tradition, start with the Russians:

Goalkeeper: Shesterkin (Koshechkin);

Gavrikov Kiselevich, Gusev— Datsyuk — Whims;

Nesterov — Birds, Grigorenko — Anisimov — Buchnevich;

Yakovlev — Beregazzo, Drums — Heels — Dadonov;

Hafizullah, Openers — Andronov — Mikheev, Rascals.

0` Hello-Hello, ladies and gentlemen, big and small hockey fans! Welcome to the quarter finals of the 2018 world Cup between the national teams of Russia and Canada! Very little time is left before the release of players to the site, so, begin little by little we are!

Team Russia in the group stage made in two ways. On the one hand, our players won those and had France, Austria, Belarus, Switzerland and Slovakia. But lost in matches against more formidable opponents, i.e. the Czech Republic and Sweden. Because of this, the Russian team took second place in the group and landed in the playoffs in Canada.

“Maple leaves” also lost twice in the group: in shootout, US and devastating, with the score 1:5 – Finland. In the rest of the Canadians was not a problem, except for the unexpected overtime with Latvia.

Due to some players in the National hockey League (NHL), many prefer today Canada, calling this command is almost the main favourite of the world championship. However, the principle of confrontation can make their adjustments – the emotions and passions have not been canceled, so the fight could go absolutely any way.

What it is going to end eventually and who will make it to the semifinals of the 2018 world Cup? The answers to these and many other questions we will know very soon! “MK” will begin live online broadcast of the match at 17:15 Moscow time!

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