Scientists have promised the elderly eternal youth: it revealed the secret of longevity

Feel at 20-22 years old… 130 years. A future promise to mankind genetics from Harvard, which began experiments on genetic editing to replace the DNA, which causes aging.

The first experiment is conducted with dogs. In their DNA added to the sites of genes of simple organisms long-lived. If the technology is successful, that is, subjects animals a few years is not old in comparison with control peers, then the next step researchers will have people. Or rather, the change in the genome. After this “upgrade” is he going to age to 130 years. The startup already interested in the U.S. Department of defense.

Review of corresponding member of RAS, Professor, former President of the European Association of gerontology and geriatrics Vladimir HAVINSON:

— Method of genetic editing is very important for people with broken genes. And possess we give them not earlier than in 50 years. But the extension of working period of a man possibly by increasing activity healthy, not mutated genes. Judge for yourself: the natural, physiological human aging is associated with reduced expression of genes and occurrence of diseases, must occur in 90-95 years, that is, 20-25 years later than it does now. So the first thing we need to do is to seek an extension of the healthy gene is linked to the aging of the majority of people on the planet. But in parallel we can consider the problem of updating breakage in DNA, which often occur in combination with extinction.

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