Sex in old age, enhances memory, said the scientists

Australian researchers from Vologodskogo University found that people who frequently engaged in sex in the elderly on average have better memory than those whose sex life after 50 years can not be called active.


Experts invited to participate in study 016 6 people, 2 of which 672 were men and 3344 women. All volunteers at the beginning of the study was 50 years and the average age of participants was 66 years. Each of them filled out the questionnaire, and also underwent a number of tests on the memory, during which we had to memorize words. The main questions in the questionnaire concerned the intimate life of the participants, but they also had to talk about daily routine, diet, bad habits and other factors, the amendment that was subsequently made by scientists.

The participants engaged in sex often, and those who during intimacy felt an emotional connection with partner during both experiments, memory was better. However, for the time elapsed between experiments it has worsened at all, regardless of the intensity of sexual life, let the parties which it had kept its “head start”.

In General, based only on survey data, it is difficult to state categorically that between regular sex and a good memory there is a causal relationship — in particular, it is impossible to fully exclude that people in General have preserved the hard health in old age, have sex more often and have better memory, and second in any degree is not a consequence of the first. However, the authors of new papers tend to assume that sexual activity indeed may in some way contribute to the preservation of memory. According to experts, in favor of this interpretation are the results of previous animal experiments in studies on similar topics.

However, in the future, scientists expect to continue the search for the relationship between intimate life and good memory, using other research methods.

The study was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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