“The Federation did not see politics in the non-extradition of three wrestlers from Russia visa to Greece for TH

– The European Sambo Federation will provide support to the Russian Sambo team, which has not been granted a visa to Greece at the European championship in Athens, told reporters the head of the organization Sergey Eliseev.

“We understand that this is an internal story, someone submitted lists, the policy is exactly no no, it’s some clerk had not filed the papers. I hope that this happened in the first and last time,” said Elisha.

“Injured athletes who were preparing for the tournament and not made is a tragedy for them. We will not dwell on this, we will make a note and find the perpetrator and try to punish it,” he added.

Yeliseyev noted that to compensate the athletes missed the championship impossible.

“We will not return to the competition, of course, but we will give them our maximum support, it is not even discussed. We’ll give them an extra chance if they have difficulties or they are somewhere not pass”, – he assured.

The European championship in Sambo among men, women and combat Sambo championship 2018 was launched on Thursday in Athens.

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