The national team of Russia on football remained on the 66th place in the FIFA ranking

The international football Federation (FIFA) has published an updated ranking of the best national teams in the world. The leaders in the list have not changed, in fact, as the position of the Russian team. Stanislav cherchesova’s wards are still occupied 66-e a place.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

In the updated FIFA ranking continues to lead the German team. The pursuit led the national team of Brazil and Belgium, and completing the top ten strongest representatives of Chile and Poland. In fact, the first changes in the list occurred only at the end of the forties. Norway, Hungary and Cameroon has improved its position by one place.

As for team Russia, it remained in the same place. Stanislav cherchesova’s wards during the reporting period has not played a single game and are located on the 66-th row. The Russians are ahead of Mali and Saudi Arabia, but are worse than those of Slovenia and Algeria. The assets of the Russian squads 493 points.

According to the official website of the International football Federation, the top ten best teams in the world are as follows:

1) Germany – 1544 points;

2) Brazil – 1384;

3) Belgium – 1346;

4) Portugal – 1306;

5) Argentina – 1254;

6) Switzerland – 1179;

7) France – 1166;

8) Spain – 1162;

9) Chile – 1146;

10) Poland – 1128.

65) Macao – 495;

66) Russia – 493;

67) Mali – 462.

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