The picture of Malevich sold for $85,8 million: experts called the price too low

An interesting conflict is developing around just what sold, but rather oversold “Suprematist composition” by Kazimir Malevich at Christie’s for $85.8 million Some argue that this is a new record for Russian art — work surpassed his own record of 2008, when she went to Sotheby’s in new York for $60 million, Others insist that the first place in the rating of Russian art, it lacked a little over a million dollars. Although all agree that this is a new personal record Malevich, from which, however, was expecting much more…


Still in 2008-m year, the experts gave bold predictions for “Suprematist composition” Malevich: “its price will blow up the art market”, “at least one hundred million dollars, she should anticipate all records Giacometti, Picasso and bacon together.

All because this thing is flawless, and in all respects unconditional authenticity, clean provenance, restorative origin, without legal encumbrances, plus the quality, – explains the chief editor of the portal Vladimir Bogdanov. – This is the best of the five paintings that Malevich’s heirs sued the Dutch Stedelijk Museum. As a rule, scandals of this kind seriously heated interest in things and increase its provenance.

It is believed that he Stedeliyk was a bona fide purchaser of the work. In 1958 they were legally purchased from the architect Hugo Haring. It turned out that Hering had no right to dispose of them as their own property. And reminded lawyers of the heirs. At first the situation seemed a stalemate: according to the Dutch laws due to the lapse of time the prospects of lawsuits in Europe. But the lawyers found a loophole and made the “Malevich” ambush. When part of the collection of Stedelijk, the 14 paintings went in 2003 for exhibition in the States, began to attack. Works from Stedelijke become vulnerable.

That masterpiece of Malevich will surely come up for bidding, the world learned on April 24 of 2008. Then announced that an agreement between the city authorities of Amsterdam and the heirs of Malevich: the new York law firm, representing the heirs, made the transfer to them of five paintings from the Museum’s collection.

But on 3 November 2008 at Sotheby’s auction turned out to be not 100, but “only” $60 million including Commission. It was rumored that then it was bought by Abramovich, but this was not confirmed. Late buying attributed to the world champion in backgammon, a native of Aleppo, Syria, to dealer David Nahmad. That is, during this time he earned the picture less than $25 million (the eat part of the auction Commission). Who is the new owner — as yet unknown.

With this result, the picture of Malevich took second place in our ranking of Russian artists, writes Bogdanov, – skipping forward only Mark Rothko (born in the Russian Empire) with his color fields paintings for $million, representing 86.8

An example of Malevich — a model investment scheme for big money: buy at Sotheby’s, hold for 10 years and resell at Christie’s. From the re-sale safely expect about $140 million. Why? This pattern may become the axis for any new Museum. Even one is enough. An absolute masterpiece for any guide. After all, museums are built a huge number in the middle East, China… And Malevich is not more. And all of the masterpieces of this level played out a serious struggle, but not this time…

– The people of mystic consciousness, learning about Malevich, note: luck is so-so, – concluded Bogdanov. This Suprematist canvas appears like the flying Dutchman. Last time it traded at the beginning of a protracted global crisis that the international situation is now that still. However, we are in such omens do not believe. Not that jealous, but expectations were much more optimistic. We even thought that last time was a misfire, but this time will reach $140 million well, Well, twice is no Fluke. Malevich is overrated in the minds of the Russian people and I understand why. Still, the artist of international importance, the fact that he is Russian, damage should not. For it had to fight not ours, but Western millionaires. There there is no financial crisis, top-end auctions and then explode with new records. So, now we refer to Malevich calmer.

“Suprematist composition” proved a masterpiece of liquidity and its ability to generate income. Rather, we see it at auction. Next time when? Maybe again in 10 years, but now at Sotheby’s. It’s his turn.

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