“”Washed-up”: the “Ultimate” smoker

Margot Robbie is changing outfits, and taking revenge on enemies in neonoir about the London underground

A scene from the movie “Washed-up”Photo: the official website of “Central partnership”

In the Russian rolling out neonoir “Washed” with Margot Robbie in the lead role.

In the dark, vaguely reminiscent of London, a world populated by killers, strippers and mafia bosses, lives a crazy waitress Annie, mesmerized by thoughts of death. In addition, in the night wandering wandering a grammar teacher (Simon Pegg), banging on the keys stationmaster (Mike Myers), routinely quarreled two killer to be younger (Max irons) and older (Dexter Fletcher). No one else in this the neon-drenched world in General is not, and those who have, will meet and figure out the relationship.

The “ultimate” in the Russian translation (I must say, successfully) to become “Washed-up”, constructed and narrative, and conceptual around Margot Robbie, not for the first time playing the hard girl not yourself. Exactly Robbie, although it is surrounded by excellent actors, including a long return Michael Myers – the trump card of the film, it lured the viewer in the movie. The problem is that nobody famous Director Von Stein in his feature debut, seems he too fell for her.

The film is awkward playing dress-up: Robbie here – a minute, an actress of the first magnitude, and by talent and popularity revolves around the pole in a strip club, so she dressed as a nurse, in a dark wig. The change of her attire, clean water, eksploitasi actress, the Director doesn’t notice that the film is not so witty, what wants to be, allusions to “Alice in Wonderland” far-fetched, as it were, unexpected plot moves very predictable. Robbie and her outfits, undoubtedly, very good, stylized, neonoir also looks interesting, but the film in order to withstand the backswing, not enough kitchenette and courage. The result is a “Washed-up” once again proves that Robbie was not just a cute face on the screen, and a great actress, need directorial talent, comparable to its power – and this, alas, is not the case.

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