Who will put a muzzle on Suarez: introducing the participants of the “Russian” group for the 2018 world Cup

Before the start of the world championship-2018 in Russia remains less than a month, and “MK” starting in the most detailed way to introduce the participants of the world Cup. Recall that in the fight for the title of world champion will take part 32 of the strongest national teams of the world, divided into 8 groups (4 teams each). Each group will be played round-Robin tournament during which every team will meet with each. The teams ranked 2 the top ranks in the standings of each group qualify for the playoffs, where they formed 8 pairs of participants 1 / 8 finals.

Edinson Cavani (left) and Luis Suarez already sharpening their teeth before the world Cup
in Russia. Photo: wn.com


The place in the world ranking: 66

Achievements: the bronze prize-winner CHE-2008

The ratio of the bookmakers to qualify from the group: 1,32

Head coach: Stanislav Cherchesov

None of the teams that got into the group And has no right to complain about poor luck. But whoever went against the Russians, team-owner in any case will be under psychological pressure, because for less than the exit group nor the fans, nor sports the Russian leadership does not agree. And accordingly, there is no margin for error.

photo: Evgeny Semenov
Stanislav Cherchesov.

Personnel problems of a command Stanislav Cherchesov has long been known, but to solve them from this. Mowed injuries Central zone of defense will appear at the world Cup, to put it mildly, not optimal composition (without George Djikia and Victor Vasin who have been under the current coaching staff, solid players). And if to add here the ambiguity of the choice of contractor in the holding area, where it did not appear sensible of the midfield, we must admit that the situation Cherchesov will be harder than the one in which Leonid Slutsky before Euro 2016.

Star: Fedor Smolov

The best scorer of the bulls matchmaker in solid European club is not the first year. The impression that Fedor is ripe for a generation of football in Europe, but not enough of one guide boost. Home world Cup might be Smolov thereby a springboard from which to fly to the side of “Manchester” and other Munich. And for that Fedi is available. In the team, his status of the first and the only nominal forward is not in doubt, so in the case of reaching the play-offs increased attention to the forward “Krasnodar” on the part of the scouts is guaranteed.

Qualifying round: did not participate

Forecast “MK”: 2nd place

Saudi Arabia

The place in the world ranking: 67

Nickname: “eagles of the desert”

Achievements: silver medalist at the confederations Cup 1992, the winner of the Asian Cup-1984,1988, 1996

The ratio of the bookmakers to qualify from the group: 10,00

Head coach: Juan Antonio Pizzi

We will not hide behind careful wording and let’s just say that the national team of Saudi Arabia is an obvious outsider of the group. Statistics qualifying round in this case can hardly be called indicative, because there is always the “but.” Yes, in the penultimate group stage, our opponents scored 20 points out of 24 possible with an impressive total goal difference and conceded 27:5, but the opponents were not the most high-profile rivals like Palestine or Malaysia, and goal difference was achieved primarily thanks to the two matches against East Timor, which ended with a total score of 17:0 in favor of Saudi Arabia.

The final circular stage on which the opponents were a lot bigger, brought more information for reflection — only on additional indicators of SA ahead of Australia, losing the top spot to Japanese. Here, perhaps, somewhere between Japan and Australia, and is the true potential of the team, Pizzi.

Star: Osama, Hawsawi

Choose the national team of Saudi Arabia any star or even a star whose name is known in Russia, at least in football savvy question to the fans, is quite difficult. Scroll to the 34-year-old captain Osama, Hawsawi whose authority in the team is adamant. The defender of “al-Hilal” from Riyadh has a record 130 appearances for the national team, and the number of goals scored for the national team defender goals of the active players is second only to the three players of the SA.

Qualifying round: 2nd place in the final qualifying group stage group b: Japan 20 points. SA — 19. Australia — 19. UAE — 13. Iraq — 11. Thailand — 2. Team SA (along with Japan, Iran and South Korea) received one of 4 Asian straight trips to the world Cup. Another accreditation team Australia won the Intercontinental playoff team Honduras.

Forecast “MK”: 4th place


The place in the world ranking: 46

Nickname: the pharaohs

Accomplishments: 7-time winner of the African Cup of Nations (1957, 1959, 1986, 1998, 2006, 2008, 2010)

The ratio of the bookmakers to qualify from the group: 2,30

Head coach: Hector Cooper

Underestimation of the Egyptians are the most obvious barrier, of which our team is capable to stumble at the world Cup. Common argument that Egypt is the team of one of Salah, but it is quite far from the truth. A good half of the players of the Egyptian team acts as a serious European leagues (mainly in England). But to overestimate the opponent’s Russians don’t need. In the African selection, even playing against the strongest teams like Uganda or the Congo, so the Egyptians were never defeated neither team scoring average per game little more than 1 goal and missing a little less than 1 ball.

Star: Mohamed Salah

Fats in excess needs no introduction. Forward of “Liverpool” not for beautiful eyes, referred to as the fastest footballer on the planet, and to see him in their ranks would like all of the giants of world club football. But to stop the fleet-footed forward is still possible, as repeatedly said on the eve of the world Cup and Stanislav Cherchesov. Partners Mohammed in the team do not like colleagues, “Liverpool”, so in the first place against Salah needs to play very tightly, not leaving African runner, where he could be his trump card to play.

Qualifying round: 1st place in the final stage of African qualifying in group E: Egypt — 13 points. Uganda — 9. Ghana — 7. Congo — 2. The Egyptians (like the national teams of Tunisia, Nigeria, Morocco and Senegal) won one of the 5 direct African permits on the world Cup.

Forecast “MK”: 3rd place


The place in the world ranking: 17

Nickname: “sky blue”

The ratio of the bookmakers to qualify from the group: 1,18

Head coach: Oscar Tabares

Uruguay have matured like a fine wine and seems to have reached the noble age where quality must go in the number. No wonder that Uruguayans bookmakers called the undisputed favorite of our group, because at the level this team is absolutely comparable with Argentina, or perhaps Brazil. By the way, Argentines wards Oscar Tabares in qualifying has outstripped.

However, the national team of Uruguay has its own recognizable face. The hallmark of the team, of course, is a super-bright line of attack, to match the star names which can neither one team in the world. But the Uruguayans do not hesitate and miss. You don’t need to be in attack comparable stars to score more than the team of Tabares.

Star: Luis Suarez

Forward of “Barcelona” Luis Suarez with a partner in attack as PSG striker Edinson Cavani, are able to swirl the head of any line of defense. Each of these two exceptional players worthy of the title of the main star, not only the Uruguay team, but of the whole of the world Cup, but the ability of Suarez to sacrifice himself in the most difficult moment for the team can not hit. Surely you thought about the moment of bite in the back Chiellini at the previous world Championships, but talking about the other moment took place at the 2010 world Cup.

In the quarterfinals in South Africa, Uruguay played Ghana. In the last minute of extra time when the score was 1:1, Suarez didn’t remain anything else how to fist a ball that was sent into the goal, with Fernando Muslera Dominic Adiya. Portuguese referee, Olegario Benquerenca nothing remained but to remove him and appoint a penalty. But Asamoah Gyan, before the tournament twice accurately implement the 11-meter strikes, loaded into the crossbar. In the penalty, which Gyan scored his next goal, the stronger was the Uruguayans taking a leap in the end to the semifinals.

In those moments, not when Suarez scores 5 goals per match or pounding the Niners blows through itself, and is best manifested a genius striker. Louis is 100 percent a team player and easily able to step on the throat of his own song, if so requested by common cause.

Qualifying round: 2nd place in the qualifying tournament: Brazil — 41 points. Uruguay — 31. Argentina — 28. Colombia — 27. Uruguayans got one of the 4 straight trips to the South American world Cup. Another one in the Intercontinental play-off was won by the Peruvians, who defeated team New Zealand.

Forecast “MK”: 1st place


Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

Calendar of games

14 June: Russia — Saudi Arabia (18.00 — hereinafter the Moscow time)

June 15: Egypt — Uruguay (15.00)

19 June: Russia — Egypt (21.00)

20 June: Uruguay — Saudi Arabia (18.00)

June 25: Uruguay — Russia (17.00), Saudi Arabia — Egypt (17.00)

The 2018 world Cup. Chronicle of events

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