“Winner of the Cannes film festival spoke about the Parallels between the film and its own history

The movie “Shop thief” inspired by personal experience, but Hirokazu Koreeda in stores didn’t steal

– Winner of the Palme d’or 71-th Cannes film festival for the film “Shop thief”, Japanese Hirokazu Koreeda admitted that the picture inspired by his personal experience.

“In some ways, the film is inspired by my own story. I lived in a small house in a small room where they kept my “treasures”. But I didn’t steal anything in the stores,” the Director said at a press conference.

The movie “Shop thief”, Hirokazu Koreeda talks about the family of a poor Japanese worker, which exists almost exclusively retired grandmother, which some of the relatives steal in stores. Once the head of the family picks up on the street a little girl. Family friendly continues its existence, but once they see the ad about the missing girl, which leads to problems for the family.

71-th Cannes film festival was like from 8 to 19 may.

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