At the Cannes film festival won the insulted and injured

The main award of the 71‑th Cannes film festival — “Golden palm” — went to a Japanese painting “Shop thief”, Hirokazu Koreeda born on the basis of a newspaper article about a poor family living on a pension grandmother. Parents raise accidentally found, and actually kidnapped the child, and together foraged petty theft in stores. Cute, but nothing more, the film jury, headed by Australian actress cate Blanchett, which included Andrey Zvyagintsev, was named best. And on the same subject was made much more powerful, but ruthless movie. The jury chose a mild soap option. The entire program of this year’s festival was rife with films about the downtrodden.

The winner of the “Golden palm” – the Japanese Director Kore-ed. Photo courtesy of the Cannes film festival.

Shown in the last competition day of “IKE” by Russian Director Sergei dvortsevoi brought the award for best actress eslamboly Samal from Kazakhstan — almost the only professional actress among return migrants and migrant workers. She played came to work in Moscow Kyrgyz girl who left the child in the hospital. Escape, bleeding the heroine immediately went to pluck chickens in dubious clandestine enterprise. The award was presented by Asia Argento, who told us from the stage, as in Cannes, she was raped terrible producer Harvey Weinstein. Everything was thought out: the heroine of the film dvortsevoi also raped the employer.

Frame from the film “Capernaum”.

The work on “Aikoi” lasted six years. In co-production in addition to Russia, Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan and China. The movie was even in the days of the festival. After watching the working material, festival selectors so inspired that turned an unfinished painting into a contest. Sergei dvortsevoi to the creation of “Aiki” has prompted an article about 248 Kyrgyz women, pulling the strap to Moscow and forced to abandon their own children. Actress Samal Eslyamova was probably the most shy actress at the festival, she said basically Director: “Every moment for the actress is suffering. I like the Director just followed her. At some point, the character ceased to belong to me, live your life. Otherwise the iron ICOI can not call her. Nature has taken its toll and forced her to fall in love with the abandoned baby. So all is not lost”. Along with Samal Dvortsevoy worked in his first game painting — “Tulip”, won the main prize at the Cannes program “the Special sight” in 2008. The actress admitted that she has no children, so I had a lot to talk to those who have them: “Yes, I am an actress and play the role but had to pass through itself, to experience. My character was in a difficult situation, and many would have done exactly the same. I important had faith in the Director, in what we were doing, and all the difficulties become insurmountable”.

The winner of the Grand Prix spike Lee. Provided by press service of the festival de Cannes.

In the festival Palace was built in this year a room for breast-feeding. Only hardly anyone could use it. Overcome for five or more zones with a baby would be impossible. Here without kids will go crazy before you get through the repeated reversing of pockets and bags on the way to the cinema.

The award for the best male role was awarded to Italian actor Marcello fonton the, man who played Chaplin’s famous type in “Dogman” one of the best Italian Directors — Matteo Garrone. It Marcello lives among dogs, which at the time led to him by the owners, is friends with drug addicts, ready at any moment to kill him. Life is bleak, but none of its abominations to him don’t stick. The fonton also a Director, but looking at him you would never think that he has at least some relationship to art. This year the number of dogs on the screen exceeded all norms. In fact, dogs and children have become almost the main heroes of many films. But heated debates are not called man’s best friend, and the duck from “the House that Jack built” by Lars von Trier, where the future serial killer, and while a teenager, cuts her foot. Organization dedicated to the protection of animals, an investigation was conducted and by the end of the festival reassured worried viewers: legs Trier made from silicone. Monster to make him failed.

Best Director “the Cold war”. Frame from the movie.

The jury prize went to Lebanese Director Nadine Lightweight for “Capernaum,” starring actors found on the street. Starring 12‑year-old Zane al-Raffia from Syria. With his parents he fled from the war in Beirut, and has experience of working in a supermarket. As his 10‑year-old sister — a girl from Aleppo. Read her biography — the hair stand on end. A year-old baby, whose father and mother are deported to Nigeria and Kenya, played the pretty boy, exploring the slums in the trough. Rahim from Ethiopia were arrested after filming scenes in which her character goes to prison. Had to get her out of there. All these people on the screen and in life deprived of documents because they do not have $ 150 on their visa and are subject to deportation to Syria and Ethiopia. At the press conference, many of them crying. Nadine Lightweight helped his actors to be legalized, it gave hope for a new life.

“The silver palm branch” for best Director — from living in the UK the pole Paul Pawlikowska in stylish like still life, but cold the “Cold war” about post-war Poland, who have experienced the iron grip of Moscow.

87‑year-old French classic by Jean-Luc Godard was awarded invented for him a special prize — “gold palm branch” for “the Book of images”. Award, most likely, will not panic him. Cannes film festival, like all the others put together, he despises, and, of course, he did not come to Cannes from Switzerland, where he lives in recent years.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
Russian Director Sergei Dvortsevoy and actress Samal Eslyamova.

Of said two film — “Happy Lazarus” Italian Aliche, Rohrwacher and “the Three faces” disgraced Iranian Jafar Panahi, who is banned from leaving the country and which was presented in Cannes the wife and starred his actress. This is probably the strangest decision of the jury. The script is not the strongest component of these paintings.

Grand Prix — American Director spike Lee for “Black all kinds of things over”. Eternal fighter for the rights of blacks, he recalled the events of the 70s related to the activities of the ku Klux Klan, comparing them with the age of trump. At the premiere of spike Lee’s fingers were decorated with rings as brass knuckles with the words “Love” and “Hate.” On the eve of the closing ceremony of the Roma Beast and Herman Osipov has received the annual journalism award of the jury of the Cannes Soundtrack Award for soundtrack to the contest film by Kirill Serebrennikov, adding to the ranks of laureates of previous years: Ennio Morricone, Michel Legrand, Nino Rota.

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