“Cannes 2018: thieves, racism and politics

Prizes and awards festival

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– In Cannes ended with a 71-second Cannes international film festival. The Palme d’or was awarded to a Japanese, Hirokazu Koreeda for the painting “Shop thief” – albeit not explicit, but the leader of the rating of possible winners of this contest.

The movie “Shop thief” tells of the family of a poor Japanese worker, which exists almost exclusively retired grandmother, which some of the relatives steal in stores. Once the head of the family picks up on the street a little girl. Family friendly continues its existence, but then they see an ad about a missing girl, which leads to problems for the family.

Culture19 may 2018Фильм, Hirokazu Koreeda “Shop thief” won the Palme d’or at the Cannes kinofestivalya read more

In recognition Koreeda, the picture was largely inspired by his personal experiences – as a child, the Director lived in a small house in a small room, but did not steal in the shops.

In General, Koreeda managed “Sozvezdiye”, to maintain a sense of reality and be completely down-to-earth man to date. For example, after receiving the Palme d’or and press conferences, when all the winners have already celebrated and received congratulations at a party in their honor, the Japanese Director went to the press center, where without any equivocation in the informal mode for half an hour and answered numerous questions from the press.

The Director managed to make a sort of Asian version of “Project Florida”. This is a film in which one can find elements of social drama and the problem of “little man”, and confrontation with the system, and the “woman question”.

It would seem that the range of topics that affect Koreeda in the picture, automatically made him one of the most likely winners of the competition. It would have been so if not for the incredibly strong landing Asian films in the main competition at the festival.

Many, not without reason, predicted victory for “Flaming”, the picture of the former Minister of culture and tourism of South Korea, Lee Chang-don. The film with a delicate slowness tells the story of a young man who meets and begins to date a neighbor girl. After some time, she is going to go to Africa, and returned with a wealthy man. Later, the man tells the main character about his unusual hobby that turns his world.

Eastern aesthetics is intertwined with cosmopolitan consumerism, which creates a unique symbiosis of unity of incompatible things. And the Director admitted that his film about the border between reality and unreality.

The picture has set a real record – she received the maximum score of the rating of film critics journal Screen in its entire history.

In the Treasury of the arguments “for” the work of Chan-don said his background – the previous film Secret sunshine and Poetry have received prizes at the Cannes film festival. Moreover, the tactics of the leadership of the show to celebrate their winners is the place to be.

We can also add “conspiracy theory” – in the sidelines of the festival there is a legend that the strongest films for the finale of the festival. A picture of South Korean masters showed one of the last.

However, the film only received a prize of the International Federation of film critics (FIPRESCI).

Another Asian operation of the main competition – Chinese painting “Ashes – the pure white” Jia the Junk, another two-time winner of the Cannes (for the film “the Golden coach” and “a Touch of sin”).

Culture19 may 2018Самал Eslyamova received a prize at Cannes for best attributethe read more

In his new project tells about a girl gangster in China that, to gain it, forced to stay in prison, and on his return tries to find her lover. Authentic and heartfelt story of affection, betrayal and loyalty is primarily due to the main character played by Zhao Tao, which, along with Samal Eslyamova of paintings of Sergey dvortsevoi “IKE” worthy of the title best actress in the main competition.

Actress Russian film incredibly believable showed the suffering and experiences of female migrants from Kyrgyzstan, who gave birth in Moscow and was forced to leave him in the hospital, but later regret your choice.

In the paintings of the competition were several strong female characters – one of the trends this year. And the jury headed by Australian feminists cate Blanchett, her friends Lea seydoux, Kristen Stewart and others couldn’t pass by one of them. The rights of women at the festival had not defended just lazy here ladies, the whole crowd took to the red carpet, handing out phone support for victims of harassment, and in the Russian pavilion and Roskino staged the whole discussion, where he discussed the place and rights of women in the film industry.

The jury prize went to Lebanese drama “Capernaum” female Director Nadine Lightweight about a boy named Zane who lives in a large family in poverty. In the picture shown as the hero decides to sue her parents for what they brought him into the light.

The rights of the downtrodden was celebrated in the film “Black all kinds of things over” with Adam Driver and John David Washington Director spike Lee, who received the Grand Prix of the festival. Tape with extraordinary wit and humor tells of a negroe policeman who joins the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1970-ies. The Director clearly conveys the idea that the problem of racism, hostility and rejection is relevant now, and in every country. However, in the end does anything puts documentary footage of the recent riots in Charlottesville, too go overboard with the criticism of Donald trump and the current US administration.

In the world2018Жюри may 19 at the Cannes film festival welcomed under arrest registerobject read more

Did not go to Cannes without a political line in the competition were two films of Directors, who is under house arrest: “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov and “the Three faces” by Iranian Jafar Panahi. Russian picture left without prizes, although the press responded warmly (jury of journalists awarded for best soundtrack), but the award for best screenplay gave Iranians sentenced to six years for anti-government activities and received a ban on filming movies.

The festival had a real Italian Renaissance: for the scenario work also noted the Italian tape “Happy Lazzaro” Alice, Rohrwacher – moving story full of biblical references about simple-hearted boy Lazzaro, who works for the aristocratic family Tancredi, makes friends with the offspring of Tancredi, and then fate tests their friendship to the test.

And best actor was Italian Marcello Fonte for his role in the film “Dogman” Matteo Garrone, in which he played a loving dog hairdresser in a small town, forced to confront a former boxer, terrorizing local residents.

However, despite new trends and rules in the Cannes film festival does not forget about the classics – the jury named the best Director of the pole Paul Pawlikowska. The Oscar winner shot a new worthy of the “Golden knight” film – black-and-white picture of the “Cold war” the love story of a singer and conductor in the days of the cold war. The action takes place in Poland, France, Yugoslavia and other countries.

And the jury special prize was awarded to the work of the 87-year-old French Director Jean-Luc Godard’s “Image and speech”. A new picture of the master realized not all – it is a cutting of the frames in the previous pictures of the Director and scenes from the tapes of world cinema. This is a reflection on the theme of war, death, revolution. Narration reads himself Godard.

After past disturbances that projects Netflix should not be allowed at the Cannes film festival, at this competition there was not one picture of the service. It was rumored that representatives of the company declared a boycott of the festival. However, this did not prevent them to acquire a number of the paintings presented at the festival.
This means that the confrontation between the streaming services and “classic” cinema continues. Now come up with the entertainer Director at the Cannes film festival Thierry Fermo – we can only guess.

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