“”Deadpool 2” has collected more than $300 million in the world the first weekend rental

– New Kinomaks “Deadpool 2” the first weekend has collected more than $300 million in worldwide box office, including about $125 million in the U.S., where he pressed the film “the Avengers: infinity war” three weeks remained the leader in terms of fees, Fox News reports.

Thus, in the North American market, “Deadpool 2” took the second place on volume of fees for the first weekend for a film in the “16+”. Leader with $of 132.4 million is the first film of the franchise, the third place – last year’s restart of the horror movie “It” by Stephen king ($is 123.4 million).

In Russia, the “Deadpool 2” over the weekend also pushed “the Avengers”: in the first four days of hire, according to preliminary data, the fees ranged from 670 million to 675 million. However, the first part kinokomiksa in 2016 has brought significantly more revenue on the Russian market – 882 million rubles.

Meanwhile, total new charges “the Avengers” made $1.81 billion, which is the fourth-largest score over the entire period of data collection.

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