Obtained a new proof of the existence of “planet x” in our Solar system

Observing the object called 2015 BP519 for three years, experts came to the conclusion that the characteristics of its orbit can serve as a new evidence of the presence in the Solar system’s ninth planet.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Orbit 2015 BP519 and other detached TNO, along with the estimated orbit of the Ninth planet.

2015 BP519, as its name implies, was built in 2015. Watching his orbit for 1110 days, experts came to the conclusion that at various stages of the way he can move away from the Sun at 450 astronomical units (that is to be 450 times farther away than Earth) and could be closer so that the distance of 36 astronomical units.

The eccentricity of its orbit is equal to 0.92, and the inclination is 54 degrees. According to experts, provided that this object originated in the Solar system, such characteristics can be explained only by the influence of a large celestial body that is neither one of currently known planets. In this case the role of the space object well suited “planet x”, in favor of the existence of which scientists already have a lot of circumstantial evidence.

For the first time the assumption of the existence of “planet X” was put forward in early 2016 by astronomers Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin from the California Institute of technology in Pasadena. But about six months ago, Konstantin Batygin said that today there are at least five phenomena, the most plausible explanation of each of which is the existence in a remote section of the Solar system’s ninth planet.

It is assumed that “planet X” weighs about 10 times more Land and in General may resemble Neptune. It is located at 41 billion kilometers from the Sun and makes a complete revolution around the sun approximately for 15 thousand earthly years. The orbit of a space body located at an angle of about 30 degrees relative to the earth. Although the name “planet x” is quite firmly entrenched for a hypothetical space object in the media, American astronomers prefer to call it “nine planet” (“planet number nine”), because Roman letter X resembles the Roman numeral ten, and the planet — if it exists, is in the Solar system ninth.

However, some experts do not exclude that in the planets in the Solar system can indeed be ten in the past year, representatives of the University of Arizona Katrin Wolf and Ren Malhotra suggested in the belt, Kopara located farther from the Sun than it is currently known planet, can be the outer body, the size and mass like Mars.

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