Euclid kyurdzidis realized the dream: film festival under Caucasian skies

For the first time in the region of Caucasian mineral waters in Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk and Georgievsk, where the strength of one cinema, and then in a deplorable state (excluding Essentuki), and where have not seen the Russian movie film festival “Crystal source”. And he was not the only one. Two actor Euclid kyurdzidis and Sergei Puskepalis, not saying a word, decided to revive the culture in their native lands.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Euclid kyurdzidis and Nikolai Lebedev.

Georgievsk joined the list last minute. It turned out that there is buried the grandfather of Nikita Mikhalkov’s father, Sergei Mikhalkov, is engaged in poultry farming, who wrote a book about what to do with chickens, so they are better raced.

According to the President of the festival — actor of Euclid of Kurdzidis – born new festival by the grassroots initiative and created on folk remedies. “I want to realize my dream. I was born in Essentuki, where my parents live (real Greek family — sh). In these cities lacks the cultural life. We began to think, how to dress well, buy a car, earn money, and the culture has forgotten.”

To the question “MK” about how he gets going with the new festival, which recently took the popular actor and Director, and a resident of Zheleznovodsk Sergey Puskepalis, Euclid replied, “I invited him to us as an honored guest, but he replied: “I do the festival.” When organizing our festival, I did not know that Sergey Puskepalis does the same thing in Zheleznovodsk. But it will be an international festival. The competition is great. The audience will benefit from this. Sergei held out a hand to each other. In our plans — creation of in the region of its film Studio”.

The jury headed by writer, Director and producer Rustam Ibragimbekov. “I am a Baku, – he said. – But Baku’s residents have traditionally gone to relax in the mineral waters in the late 40-ies and 50-ies. Our family is there, too, rested. Great Russian poets and writers drew the world’s attention on these places. It is the crossroads of the Caucasus and Russia, and at the intersection of cultures born all the fun”.

A guest of the festival will be Nonna Grishaeva. Together with Euclid Kyurdzidis they play a show that will show at the festival. June 21 at Nonna Grishaeva – birthday and she celebrate it in Essentuki. “The second year I can’t celebrate his birthday at home in Odessa. Won’t let me go” – sadly said the actress.

In the program of the festival films popular genres, as stated by the organizers, which were not released in wide release. Among them Yakut, “King-bird” by Eduard Novikov, “Karp frostbitten” by Vladimir Kott, “Cool tango” Pavel Chukhrai, “the Unforgiven” by Sarik Andreasyan about Vitaly Kaloyev, who was born near the places where the festival will be. In a separate program allocated to adaptation, as many literary works were born there. To find a modern film adaptation of Lermontov, for example, the selectors failed, so the circle has grown considerably. Will show “harms” of Ivan Bolotnikov, the “Three sisters” Yury Grymov, “Mayakovskogo” Shane Alexander “Gentiles” Lera Surkova on the play of Anna Yablonskaya, going to Театре.doc almost the same actors. The showing of this film will be a tribute to the dearly departed Elena graminei, who led them since the founding. In the retrospective show of films of Euclid of Kurdzidis show “War” Alexey Balabanov to the fifth anniversary of the departure of the Director.

In open areas will present films of previous years: “White sun of the desert” by Vladimir Motyl, who will introduce scriptwriter Rustam ibrahimbayov, the head of the jury, “a Cruel romance” and “Office romance” Eldar Ryazanov introductory Larisa Guzeeva and Svetlana Nemolyaeva. “Caucasian captive” by Leonid Gaidai will present Natalya Varley, “a Little Princess” by Vladimir Grammatikov — Alla Demidova, “Love and pigeons” Vladimir Menshov – Alexander Mikhailov, “Heavenly swallows” recently deceased Leonid Kvinikhidze — Iya Ninidze, “Cold summer 53rd” – Director Alexander Proshkin. Director Nikolai Lebedev, who will work the jury, remembered how as a child in the kindergarten quoting the movies Gaidai, not knowing them much, but got the main thing: “it is Important that they appeal to the soul and heart.”

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