Biathlon: coach Kovantsev does not want violence over Shipulin

When, in 2011, Anatoly Hovance was expelled from the national team live in front of the amazed television audience, it seemed that the coach would never go into power. Right “wolf ticket” got, what kind of team! However, Kovantsev and then the strike held in the Russian biathlon itself, of course, not seen, but an interview is not refused and the estimation of a given situation and the performance of the whole team. In the comment “MK” then said, “I know of the error. Importantly, the team Prokhorov has done is taught the athletes to beat the trainers”.


Author: Peter Porai-Koshits. Anton Shipulin.

This “main” will then pursue all coaches, replacing each other at the post home. Today Anatoly Kovantsev again took the position of head coach – ready committed precursors to eliminate mistakes. While there is, despite the announced name, for example, Valery Bolhovskogo, very complex coordination of the coaching staff – and the President of the Russian biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev said that information about the new coaches of national teams “went in person with the Board meeting, and nobody else, no one is appointed”, – Kovantsev partially already presented a vision of what needs go work in biathlon.

The coach does not hide: if he was asked to return to the national team as responsible for “everything” is not a new RBU President Vladimir Drachev, would not agree. But together they came up with the concept: should be the head coach over all teams, which is developing a unified training system for all ages. The idea is clear: the reserve is a feeding team, the transition to young adulthood should not be a shock, a rookie team should already know the requirements of “large” for a relaxing acclimatization.

Individual work is possible, but if it is held separately from the national team, it is only possible at the expense of the athlete. And in qualification for the world Cup, “individualists” can participate on a common basis.

Anatoly Hovance said that his training methods differ radically from those for which you worked as a team. And voiced their vision of the poor performance of the national team last year. “What our athletes were injured last season? They performed too many sharp, high-speed operation on the segments. The coaching staff forgot that there is a speed-strength endurance, which helps to keep the speed on the course. This moment was missed.”

And Vladimir Drachev, and Anatoly Kovantsev understand that it is not to miss the moment now – as in the formation of the coaching staff, and early preparation is very important. No one knows what will be faced our biathlon this season. The threat of new doping scandals of the past not passed. But the work has not been canceled, especially in the sport she laid for years.

I can connect publicly broken Russian biathlon Anatoly Kovantsev squandered over the years, to build a chain of trainers, looking in one direction, forcing the athletes to not only believe in success, but also to understand the way to success… I would Like all the questions to put the plus sign. But when things are bad, then any forward movement will be perceived as progress.

“We will gather the team and explain the principles of the training process and our methodology… With Anton Shipulin, I have not communicated. Of course, we would like to stay. But violently it is impossible to drag the national team,” says Chovancek. I would like to think that our biathlon comes conversations.

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