Children’s mental injuries were dangerous to the future offspring of men

Severe stress experienced in childhood, can affect men of miRNAs, and thereby affect his own children. With such an assumption was made by the American experts from tufts University.


MicroRNAs — small non-coding RNA molecules with a length of 18-25 nucleotides, involved in the regulation of gene expression and, consequently, are involved in most biological processes. The first microRNA was described in the beginning of 1990-ies, but as a distinct class of biological regulatory molecules with defined functions, they were seen only in the early 2000s.

In the first phase of their study, the researchers recruited 28 men, each of which previously filled in the questionnaire on negative experiences in childhood. As it turned out, those people who are admitted in a large number of physical, mental and other injuries, showed a lower level of regulatory microRNA miR-34 and miR-449, and among those who, according to the test results, experienced a most unpleasant episodes, this figure was three hundred times lower than those whose childhood was quite very happy. Specialists pay special attention to the fact that, in humans, miR-34 is involved in early embryonic development

That reduced levels of certain miRNAs can be passed from father to offspring, experts have found in experiments on laboratory mice. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that people the situation is the same way, the experts highly evaluate this probability.

Scientific work was published in the journal Translational Psychiatry. In the future, the researchers plan to conduct additional studies on this subject, which must involve a much greater number of people.

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