FIFA has officially named mottos of all participants of the 2018 world Cup

In the world championship on football in Russia, as we know, will take part 32 teams, each of which carries to us, not only players, coaching staff and many fans. Bring the team and the slogans that will be placed on the sides of the carrying trade of the buses. Each national Federation has chosen your option, some of which are quite interesting in terms of understanding not only football, but also life philosophy of the participants of the world championship.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Russia: “Play with an open heart”.

Germany: “Let’s write history”.

England: “Make us winners.”

Saudi Arabia: “Knights of the desert”.

Argentina: “Together for a dream.”

Australia: “Be brave, be bold, “Socceroos” green and gold”.

Belgium: the “Red Devils” on a mission”.

Brazil: “More than 5 stars, 200 million hearts.”

Colombia: “One dream, three colors and 50 million hearts.”

Costa Rica: “nothing is impossible when playing the whole country”.

Croatia: “Small country, big dreams”.

Denmark: “creating history Together”.

Egypt: “When you are talking about Pharaohs, the world should stand up and listen.”

Spain: “Together we’re invincible”.

France: “Your strength, our passion. Come On, Blue!”.

Iceland: “Let us fulfil our dream”.

Japan: “the Time of the battle, the blue samurai!”.

Morocco: “the Atlas lions, Moroccan heart with you.”

Mexico “Made in Mexico, created for victory.”

Nigeria: “Wings of African pride.”

Panama: “Panama! The power of the two seas”.

Peru: “We’re back! Here you go 30 million Peruvians”.

Poland: “Go Poland!”.

Portugal: “the Glorious past, historical present”.

South Korea: “the Tigers of Asia, conquerors of the world”.

Iran: “80 million people, 1 nation, 1 heartbeat.”

Senegal: “Impossible is not in serenaski”.

Serbia: “One team, one dream – Serbia”.

Sweden: “Together for Sweden!”.

Switzerland: “Four languages, one nation”.

Tunisia: “Russia, you fly eagles hand in hand the fans and the players.”

Uruguay: “the Sun shines in Russia on a light blue sky”.

The 2018 world Cup. Chronicle of events

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