Was humiliated for growth: become known reason stabbing in Moscow school

Stabbed in the ribs from his classmate received a 16-year-old student on may 24, during a lesson at school in the North-West of Moscow. Ninth’m tired of hearing offensive words in his address about the low growth and decided to attack.

photo: Elizabeth Clasina

As it became known “MK”, 15-year-old Simon (all names changed) from childhood in stature, slender, and the last time the guys were teasing the guy because of the low, in their opinion, growth — 158 cm. Seeds, of course, all this hurt, but to give a verbal rebuff the offenders did not work. So the teenager a couple of years ago bought a knife. Whenever classmates are allowed unflattering remarks, Simon demonstrated edged weapons than chill opponents.

Thursday on the third biology class sitting for the first batch Mikhail again hurt the Seeds. Michael, by the way, her sharp tongue humiliated a classmate since sixth grade. Nerves Seeds this time could not resist, he stood up from the Desk and hit the foe with a knife in the ribs. An ambulance was caused by the biology teacher. The wounded man was hospitalized at the Filatov hospital, and the Seeds are lucky the local POLICE — most likely, the teenager will put on the account. According to doctors, the injuries the victim student is not heavy, the knife was shallow and didn’t hurt important organs.

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