Football world Cup among artists: the Russian team with the victory

On Saturday in Moscow will host the opening ceremony of the world Cup. No, we were not mistaken with the date of the upcoming world Cup. The fact that less than a month before the start of the main sport event of the year will take place in Moscow, perhaps, not as ambitious, but no less bright tournament — the world championship on football among artists. Or just “Art-football”. In the opening match, the Russian team will play against Slovenia.

According to the Creator of the tournament and captain of the national team of Russia Yuri Davydov, our group is the strongest, however for the tournament the task is not affected — only the gold. In conversation with the correspondent “MK” he spoke about the emergence of the idea of the tournament, the stars that like “kick the ball”, and the cultural pastime in football.

— How appeared the idea to invite artists from around the world to play the guitar, and soccer?

— Very simple. Many of us were young boys, looked at how to play their idols. And we also wanted to go out in the form of his country, to sing the national anthem and burning eyes to rush into battle. And we managed to infect artists from around the world: Emir Kusturica, the German band Fools Garden, actor miloš Bošković. But our team is generally the star! Sounds loud, but I want to make friends with the whole world.

That Britain and Poland had suggested to boycott a great world Cup, but “Art-football” ride everything. Sport, like art, should be out of politics, and we prove it. In General, give the opportunity to non-professional viewers to watch the same football and cultural knowledge.

— It’s like? Is football somehow able to develop the human in cultural terms?

We’re not only the ball down the field drive. “Art-football” — is a artistic cluster. Each country in addition to his football team brings to Russia and artistic programme, which assesses the jury. Music, film, photography — and this is only a small part of what we can show to our viewers! But most importantly, all the money collected during the tournament, we pass to charity. Our Foundation is the certifying authority for the treatment of children monitored every ward and try to help as best I can.

— Which teams will participate in the tournament?

— This year the “Art-football” will be represented by 16 countries. According to the rules of the tournament each team in addition to artists can be played by two professional players and one person from any other sphere. Thus, football fans will be able to see the stars of world football. You can call your girlfriend on a date to the stadium — she’ll be pleased! Ladies — a cultural program, and young people — incendiary football. For Russia last year, played Dmitri Loskov, this invited Ruslan Nigmatulin and is coached by us Olympic champion Sergey Gorlukovich. The Brazilians will bring Jorginho and Romario. For the Belarusians will perform Alexander Hleb, it will be hard for his cannon punches “drag”. Football stars will not be less than pop stars. We expect serious competition, but we intend to fight to the last. This year is special because the football world Cup leaves its mark and makes us fit. Want to win “Art-football”, even where it is the national team of Russia will become the world champion!

The festival will take place in Moscow from 25 may to 3 June, and the football part will take place at the stadium “locomotive”. This year the tournament will start under the motto “Peace, friendship, good”. After all, football and music remain the most important phenomena in our lives.

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